Sep 13, 2007

Lake Chelan Patagonia Model...labour day weekend

Labour Day weekend.

Lots of travelling but got to do and see and hang out with lots of fun people. My weekend started off with a cycle to the states in the pouring rain. I made it to Blaine to find out the bus to Bellingham would not come for another 1.5 hours. I was freezing and wet and didn't feel like making the trek by bike so I found a nice cafe, changed, had some food and found a sweet novel to read. I went to the bus station to wait another 40 minutes as there was lots of traffic due to the long weekend. So i finally made it to bellingham with knowwhere really to go. I was hoping to meet up with someone in Bellingham but it didn't work out so I found a sweet spot by the water and sat and watched the sunset and read my new novel. About 1.5 hours later Dave P. rolled into town from Seattle, we had food and a couple of drinks and headed down Chucka nut drive to find a place to camp out. We ended up pulling over on a viewpoint pull out off the side of the road and slept in his truck. It was a beautiful view and a gorgeous night..FUN! I loved it. The next morning we were heading to Anacortes Mt erie to go rock climbing although we didn't have set directions of a climbing book for the area. We got to the Mountain scoped it out had no idea where ot go until we ran into some fellow climbers. they gave us an option for a fun crag and off we were. It was my first climb of the season so I was a little nervous at first. Dave rocked the crag. Our last route was a sport route and I finally felt confident and strong but we were done. Before heading to Seattle we went on an hour trail run through some trails in the area. It was great. We got to seattle, showered and went out for a beer to celebrate life and good times. There Colin met up with us (my photographer for the weekend)
I switched cars and I was off with Colin to an awesome local mexican restaurant...We had some drinks , some great food and they were both pretty beat so went back to his place. He had some work to do and I crashed out. The next morning, we got ourselves ready, for the long drive to Lake Chelan. We picked up Delanie, went for breakfast (again a super awesome joint) and made our way east. We finally arrived around 330pm. Drove up to the campsite unloaded and got our campsite ready and took off for photo shoot number 1. We got to a sweet little area that Colin had picked out ahead of time and took a zillion shots from different angles until the sun was gonna leave us. I ran back and we made it to the car just as the sun left us. We drove back to camp, Colin made a fabulous dinner and again just crashed hard knowing the following morning was gonna be an early one. We awoke with the sun, had some granola breakfast and coffee in a can and headed out for round number 2. We went to another great location and shot for several hours. I even got to play photographer for a career??? not yet at least. Then we headed on a long mtb ride home. the first part was a little tough for me.....and involved lots of hike a biking. We were kind of silly and forgot to bring food...oops and I could feel my energy drifting away. Anyways, 3,5 hours later my skills improved dramatically on the bike, we were both smiling and we made it back to the car where Delanie was waiting for us. We had some beers to celebrate a successful photo shoot and bike and off we went back in the car for the long drive home.
Thanks for a fab weekend rock!


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