Sep 24, 2009

Frosty 50km Trail Run Race

Okay, so I thought my last entry was rather lazy and maybe for my own benefit I have decided to do a proper write up from the race.

It had been over a year since my last "running race" of any sorts and a little over that for an ultra race. I really really wanted to enjoy this race. I wanted to get my motivation back up, I wanted to have another reason to train hard on the run and get back into the community.

Andrew joined me for the race. It was his first running race of any sorts. He did amazing... infact we crossed paths and ended up finishing together. I will get back to that but it was yet another learning and growing moment for me personally.

Finishing with Andrew was fantastic. I was proud of myself and so proud of him. BUT it is not something I would have done even a year ago. I was able to start the run/race off in the mind frame of it just being "fun", a practice, a run to get my game back and total bonus if I were to do well. I started like this, I then had moments of feeling good and wanting to push hard and then back to my first thoughts. Actually running with Andrew helped a ton to keep me in perspective. We ran well together. Being his first run though his joints and knees were becoming increasingly painful as the race was coming to an end.

About 3/4 into the race my energy level dropped dramatically as we were running/power hiking up and down steep hills on the top of the ridge. As we began to head down my energy levels got a second burst and I was happy to find that I was feeling great and had loads left in the bank. So, as Andrew was experiencing pain and slowing down I was gaining energy and wanted to give er until the end. Something I would have done in the past would have been to wave good bye and set off... what I did on Saturday was debate this in my head for awhile and then decided to run it in with Andrew and motivate him to finish with a smile. It was the right thing to do in my head and my heart and I am so glad I did.... now, maybe he'll run for ultras with me... hehe...

great race, great course. We summitted Frosty Mountain (I hurt on the power hike up the summit from sheer lack of proper training). Although, for the easier climb before the summit I felt like I conserved a little too much. I know I had it in me to run it all but didn't... I still need to improve my down hill running (I need to get it faster....practice practice practice). The second half was supposedly "easier" I didn't think so. Going through half way I felt pretty good. I kept a steady pace and then we hit another long sustained climb and again I conserved a little too much as I know I had more in me to run it. Once on the ridge I hit my bottom for the race. I was tired mentally and physically but thanks to Andrew here I pushed on up and down for what seemed like forever. As we started down I could just feel energy pumping into my body and at the last aid station I was back up and ready to fire... I am pleased that I felt the way I did with 10km left to go in the race. It gives me hope and confidence for my next race.

Andrew and I ran into the finish together holding I know CHEESE... but I loved it. I ended up 4th female...not bad for really not expecting much and not going in at my peak.... only room for improvement.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Sep 20, 2009

Crossfit Level 1, 50km Frosty Trail Run, PDP (teacher school)


I don't have much time to write.
Thank you Crossfit Vancouver, my level 1 training was fabulous!
This past weekend ran my first 50km trail run race in a long while. It was tough, my legs hurt, I ran it with Andrew, I had fun, it was beautiful, I am tired, I miss it.....
PDP (professional development program or Teacher program) I began a week ago.... I love it.

I am happy, yet tired, busy but I love it and generally feel great! I am running, biking, kayaking, swimming, crossfitting, and hopefully adding more yoga and circus training....

thank you to all who support. Besos.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Sep 8, 2009

Seven Summits: Rossland BC

So I've wanted to go ride the Seven Summits trail for some time now... thanks to Andrew and his stellar driving, sense of adventure and general awesomeness it happened this past weekend. We decided to do it Andrew and Lina style.... not the easy way, nor the traditional long weekend way....

We managed to sneak out Friday afternoon to make the 8 hour drive in mostly daylight. We arrived at the Nancy Greene Provincial Campsite (right off the highway) at about 9pm. Enough time to set up tent, drink some tea and rest our eyes and heads.

Saturday proved to be a killer day. The clouds were high and were constantly shifting to give us some sunlight when we needed it but otherwise the weather kept things a pleasant temperature as we hiked and biked through alpine, forest, dirt and rocks. We moved camp to Rossland at the Lions campground in the morning and set out adventure racing style from there (no shuttle). We obviously made it a little adventurous by heading up a different way than most. We pushed, biked, walked etc up a steep, technical trail that involved more hike a bike than actual biking but hey, it's all part of the experience. We eventually found the trail that we wanted. SEVEN SUMMITS. I loved it and my biking proved it. I gave it on the trail. I hit technical maneuvres that put a smile on Andrew's face. I think I was glowing that entire 24hrs during and after the ride. Not only was I glowing from the stellar riding and trails and views but someone got down on his knee with a special something in his hand and asked me something special... pretty spectacular event on Record Ridge. Whoa. The last downhill after the seven summits trail was loads of fun and totally worth the longer ride up the road to camp. Steep, long, fast and I rode it all... I am stoked for myself (just so you know).

Sunday morning we slept and woke amongst lots and lots of rain. The raindrops fell hard so we decided to start making our way back to Vancouver after some yummy egg benedicts at the Sunshine Cafe. We had some fun on the way home though. We spotted some sun rays popping out of the clouds as we drove past Christina Lake, naturally we stopped for some quick laps in the lake and a mini aquafit session. The rain came and went for the rest of the ride until we decided to check out some trails in Manning Park. We changed into our run gear and went for a fab run around lightning, flash and strike lakes. Had a picnic by the lake and felt refreshed for the rest of the drive home.

Well, it's my last week of "freedom" before I head to SFU to learn how to inspire the young while teaching them about biology and getting them psyched on fitness and PE. They won't know what hit them..haha....

This weekend it is crossfit level 1 training certification at the Vancouver Crossfit gym and next weekend its Frosty 50km trail run in Manning Park. Busy as ever...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Sep 2, 2009

Great Explorations: Guiding Best of BC Trip

Andrew and I teamed up and had the opportunity to guide 6 UK visitors and show them some of the best of the best of what we have here on the coast. We cycled and hiked the chief in Squamish, we hiked and camped in Garibaldi Provincial park, we mountain biked, ziplined, gondola viewed and wine and dined in Whistler. We finished the trip off with an exhilarating rafting experience down the Elaho River. Great Explorations set up a fantastic week of adventure and fine food for the lot.

The group showed high spirits, a willing to try new things and a lovely sense of humour. It made the heavy loads, the long days and short nights easy and fun. I had such a fabulous time showing them our beauty and seeing their physical progress throughout the week. Way to go team UK.

Live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Family Fun in Ontario

I hadn't seen my family for over a year... too long.

It was such a pleasure to get picked up at the airport by both of my sisters and my nephew. We headed straight for my most favorite place in the world..."the kaimas" yup you got it, it is by far the place I absolutely love the most. I love "the kaimas" (our cottage). When I was at Queen's working on my undergrad my family and I discovered the most brilliant little Vietnamese restaurant -Mekong. It's cheap, its healthy and its damn good. We stopped in Kingston and at Mekong for dinner. Number 28A never fails me.

The kaimas, is truly a wonderland. A very very old farm house with many barns and 10 acres of goodness situated on Crow Lake. We swam across the lake, we played ping pong, we had campfires, we fished, we rowed, canoed, we slacklined, ran, biked...hmmm.... the list goes on really. We had perfect days of sunshine. Andrew fished for the first time and caught some sunfish and rock bass.... oh yeah. After swimming across the lake we got to the cliffs and did some cliff jumping... they are higher than I remember. It is amazing how our fear grows as we get older (we know what pain feels like and we don't like it).

After some amazing days at the cottage it was time to experience downtown Toronto with Rasa and Mike. Rasa showed us around her neighbourhood on a run (which by the way is a great way to see a city). We went out for drinks and then the next day had a private bike tour of the lakeshore and downtown with Rasa. I totally recommend running and or biking in any new town: People talk to you, you can stop and look around, you can get to places cars just can't and you truly can experience a locals point of view. It's fab-plain and simple.

Then it was babysitting time at Asta's place in Port Credit. What a cute little place right on Lake Ontario. We had fun with Kiefer, I particualrly enjoyed playing with his trucks and toys. I also accompanied Asta while she biked with kiefer I got to run beside them. Good little work out: as we stopped at each playground I managed to squeeze in some pull ups and leg lifts... oh yeah. (i miss Crossfit).

Asta, Dereck, Andrew and I decided an adventure was necessary so: as Lithuanian Baseball Weekend was happening in Wasaga Beach, we decided to go check it out. It was one blast of an adventure, in short: we house jumped, we sang, we slept illegally in a crooked tent on the beach, had a staple greasy breakfast and managed to watch a little baseball....

A visit to Mociute's (grandma's). Here, Andrew met the last of the Augaitis family. We enjoyed delicious food, crochet lessons and a run around Western University.

It was good healthy family fun!

Now, what do I have to look forward to?: Frosty 50km trail run and Teacher School at SFU

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!