Dec 12, 2010

Singing Pass Adventures

We got tons of exercise the way I like it (outdoors) on Saturday as well as ski some awesome pow in return. We spent 4 hours up the singing pass and then up to Cowboy ridge before we got to take off our skins in preparation to head downwards. From all the hard work it was payback time and score some sweet turns in return... so worth it. The weather was pleasant and the snow plentiful. I love the long days of hard work and good fun. Yay for adventures in the snow.

oh and we got our christmas tree...i love the holiday spirit!

Live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Dec 6, 2010

Bikes and Skis on the island

Love it when you go away for the weekend with a car packed full of gear...

This weekend a bunch of us headed over to the island to play with some island folk... being vancouver island we brought bikes and skis... This event is usually in November and is called the Mud Ride but this year I suppose we could have called it the snow ride...

We got out on our bikes on a sunny saturday afternoon and began to pedal in snow up the Cumberland trails... The conditions were actually pretty perfect for riding... Most of the mud was either frozen or covered by a thin layer of snow... the sun was shining and friends were abound... It was a ride full of single track, laughs, hard work and chili hot chocolate to finish it off!

After riding or any type of outdoor exercise food and drinks are necessary and a feast is what we had....

SUnday we voted to head to Mt Washington and try out the hill to practice our sweet turns.. Again, the conditions were pretty perfect... Andrew, Paul and I ventured through moguls and trees, and played with daring speeds (well I was trying to catch Paul the whole and so really I was the one peaking my speed limits)... ALthough a fab day on the hill with beautiful views is no backcountry skiing, the sweat, the bush, route finding, rivers, etc... it definitely solidified my love for backcountry skiing... I love the turns but I love the adventure of backcountry skiing even more I think!

Another Video By Andrew!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!