Jan 29, 2015

Finding Balance between Job #1, Job #2, Training, Playing, Family and Friends (in no particular order), oh and REST!

It's tough to perfect the art of balance...

this person has perfected one type of balance

I love the juggle that my life has become. It is full of adventure, amazing people, amazing places, experiences, learning, hard work, joy, and yes sometimes stress... one thing it is not, is SIMPLE... so the art of balance becomes important... it's interesting to me that most sports that I have excelled in and or love involve balance in a big way: Gymnastics, rock climbing, mtn biking, slacklining, stand up paddleboarding (to name a few).... hmmm..

Balance photo by Noelani Sachi

I am constantly trying to figure out how to make all aspects of life fit like a glove. Its no easy task, and likely tough to perfect, but I think I am slowly getting there, constantly learning through experience...

 I LOVE my contract work as an outdoor ed teacher, but it sometimes makes it tough to get all my training in. When I try to squeeze training in with a job, then my logistic planning for my other life/job gets tough,. then there goes wife duties, then friends and family, etc etc etc the domino affect is in full swing...I have a personality where I can't just sit tight, I am always planning ahead.  I am constantly finding ways to go on amazing adventures,  push my limits physically and mentally, inspire and motivate others and give back to sports and communities that have given me so much.... If I ever feel like it is all going to collapse I love to go for a trail run, a SUP, or a ski tour.... its my getaway even if its just for a few hours... I recharge, refocus, and then blaze away full tilt!

But in all seriousness how do I manage?... not sure, I have lovely friends that don't forget about me, I have an amazing hubby that can understand and supports, and most importantly I enjoy everything that I do...
I commute by bike to work (cardio workout check),.... I sneak in a gym workout before I head home (strength check), I try to get my important workouts in during the week so I can make sure I have time to go explore and adventure in the outdoors with friends (quadruple check, adventure, friends, hubby, and usually great cardio workout)...and on slow days I try to clean and bake... :) Somewhere in there I squeeze in social media, logistics,  etc.

I LOVE LISTS....they save me... I love that feeling of crossing off a to do... thats how I do it!!!! Sometimes I miss something, or forget to call back or reply, don't do the dishes or take out the garbage... don't be angry,... just call again, write again, or give me time. It is all important to me but sometimes, I also need to sit on the couch and just relax (I'll admit rare but it does happen).....

Finding balance takes time and practice. 

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


Jan 11, 2015

Costa Rica SUP Retreat with Agua Vida in Pavones, Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a get away this March?!?!?!?! SOOOOOOOO, excited to share this new retreat myself and AguaVida are putting on at the end of March in COSTA RICA!!!!!!!! ... Check out the link below for more details... it is 7 days you won't want to miss! SUP Surf, downwind, flatwater adventures, right out your front door!!!! 

Shawn and Nat at Agua Vida, along with myself have created an amazing week full of amazing food, accommodations right on the beach, boards, adventures, massage, and all styles of SUP from Surf to Downwind, to race/fitness techniques as well as an adventure tour on SUP.... It is going to be AMAZING!!!!! 


live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 8, 2015

Christmas in board shorts:)

Christmas Day Paddle with Jade and Robert

Andrew and I both come from places where Christmas is rarely a time you wander outside in sandals and board shorts, or even go paddling where you have to slap on sunscreen... I come from Ontario, where winters are cold and white... and typically snows by December, Andrew comes from the UK, where cold rain is a typical Christmas day forecast. Well, and now we both live in Vancouver where  on good years you can find both rain(in the city) and snow(in the mountains).

We both happen to have some free time over the holidays so a plan was hatched.... flights were too pricy for us and snow in our hood was not yet good enough for ski touring.... so we decided a solid road trip south would be fun... Andrew converted the Element into sleep mode, we loaded up some mtn bikes, trail shoes, and SUP equipment and off we went south looking for sun, waves, trails, and adventures...
we found snow in sedona! loaded car photo Andrew Dye
We bolted straight down for Laguna Beach, where Andrew drove through solid rain from Vancouver to about Redding California... just as we were getting a little worried that we would never find sun there it was perfect blue skies...
hello blue skies photo credit Kris Howson
Andrew chillin eatin his Acai Bowl at SanO

Laguna Beach/SoCal was filled with non stop activity such as SUP surfing, paddling, mtn biking, and a fun trip to Catalina Island... We stayed with the amazing Howson family and enjoyed visits with The Paddle Academy, Ian Cairns, The Russells, SIC, and many more folks whom I now call my extended family. I was super stoked that Andrew finally got to meet people I constantly mention and talk about and for them to meet Andrew:) The weather was sunny and we were totally loving wearing sandals again...

made it to the top of the climb Photo credit Robert Howson

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Killer view on the bike trails El Morro
Paddle Academy Training
on our way to Catalina

Our plans got a little wonky as a cold front moved in and snow arrived where snow should not have been typically... haha.. We made it to Sedona amidst a snowstorm... we found the Sedona Family Restaurant that proved to have just the right food we were looking for and entertainment that kept us going until 2015:) We spent the next day getting our feet wet and playing in the snow, taking pictures, and imagining what it would be like to mtn bike here. There was just too much snow for mtn biking, and we didnt think it would melt fast enough so we had a change of plans and decided to go find dry trails. We wanted to head to Zion but Zion also got caught in the storm with a ton of fresh pow but we were looking for dirt... SO.... we found out Boulder City/Lake Mead didn't actually get the snow they were supposed to... we were back on the road headed for VEGAS.... We found a cheap camp spot right on Lake Mead with our name on it. The next day we found a great breakfast place called the Coffe Pot in Boulder City. After a rather large and delicious breakfast we were off to Bootleg Canyon to explore the trails... We were out for about 3 hours and rode tons of fun trails:) SOOOOO Fun!
We decided to camp at Lake Mead one more night, so I managed to get out on the water on my SIC 14 X PRO LITE, Andrew snapped some nice sunset shots.
The next morning we went out for a final lap at Bootleg Canyon before making the long drive back up.
photo Andrew Dye
snow in Sedona!!!!! Photo Andrew Dye

Bootleg Canyon Photo Andrew Dye
Lake Mead Photo Andrew Dye

Lake Mead Photo Andrew Dye 

Lake Mead Photo Andrew DYe

 The driving was crazy.. Andrew is the man, he drove through snowstorms, wind storms, rain storms.... we got it all:)

Can't wait to head back to Sedona and check out Zion,.... they are tops on my bucket list:) haha

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

SUP Zero Factor: Number 5 Top SUP Athlete Online!!!!!

Live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Jan 5, 2015

Celebrating an amazing year past and new adventures to come....

Wow, just returned from a great road trip with the hubby.... It was the perfect finish to a grand 2014 and a great beginning to the adventures to be had in 2015.

we found a couch at the top of the climb..so we sat in it and enjoyed the views

Month by month highlights of 2014

Orange Bowl Florida race first WIN on SIC boards and meeting new friends!!!!

Week long backcountry ski trip with friends in the Kootenays, BC....

Sayulita Classic:Wins and conquering Waves

Carolina Cup: racing alongside Jenny and seconds between 1st and 3rd places

ISA Worlds: Battling hard with Shakira and hearing Canadian anthem on the podium

AN amazing month loaded with fun and success
SUP Expedition with Olympic gold medalist triathlete Simon Whitfield and other amazing folks
Winning the title of Fastest Female Paddler on Earth in Germany
Falling in love with Lake Garda, Italy and spending fun times with Sonni, Helgo and Cristiaan

Kind of loved the crazy travel  month Colorado to Maui to Germany to Maui
M2O with Art

Meeting Thor and gang at Lobster Cup, Maine US....
SIC house at the Gorge Paddle Challenge

Local races:  Kalamalka Classic,  Round the Rock, Board the Fjord
Surviving Huntington's smashing waves
Meeting my SoCal amazing family

Winning BOP Distance and Podium at BOP Elite course..... BOP overall:) WHAT?!?!?!
Turtle Bay: Winning the World Series Title

HOME time

Getting a sweet contract working at an amazing private school, teaching outdoor education with some pretty spectacular teachers....
Spending 11 days on the road with my hubby.... the BEST!!!!!

 I know 2015, will be filled with just as much adventure, emotion, love, hardwork, friendships etc as 2014 but taking what I learned and experienced in 2014... I can only imagine that 2015 will bring even richer and deeper experiences:)

It is all about the support from family, sponsors, and friends (new and old).... If there is a life lesson I can pass along to others that I have learned in life so far.... Life is all about the amazing people that you are surrounded by.... So,  go and surround yourself by the fabulous people and don't forget to be that fabulous person yourself too....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!