Aug 31, 2007

Mt Seymour + Dog Mountain + Sunset Aug 29 2007

So Wed after work didn't have any plans so I decided to grab the roadie and my trail shoes, packed some lights and warm clothes and started up Mt Seymour. Its been awhile since I climbed up one of the north shore mountains on my roadie...and I was hurtin a little. I think my body is still recovering from the triple races I did a couple of weeks ago..but I suppose that is no excuse. I took some well marked viewpoint breaks and eventually made it to the top. It was a picture perfect view. You could see Mt Baker and Mt Rainier so clearly....AWESOME. I locked up my bike changed into running gear and headed out to Dog Mountain to catch the sunset. I got there fairly quickly took some pics and then decided to head it back before it got too dark. Its amazing what goes through your mind when you are running through the woods by yourself in the dark....I kept imagining some bear or cougar sneaking up behind me and gobbling me up and then noone knowing where I had gone except for eventually someone finding my canera or something...haha...but seriously, it does make you run a little quicker...It was a good mental exercise for me if I ever decided to do a longer solo adventure race....made it back to my bike while the sjy was a beautiful pink colour, took some more pics turned on my lights and headed down the mountain. Now, as most people who know me know that going down at high speeds is one of my least fav things to do. Well, when its dark out and all you can see is what is in front of you things just don't seem as steep or fast until I looked down on my speedometer...I was gunnin' it. It was quite beautiful actually. I was biking down, on one side it was the last of the pink glow and right in front of me all the city lights were glimmering in the night and it was dead silent all around me except for the sounds of the wind breaking as I flying down. GREAT NIGHT!

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