Sep 24, 2007

Friday Kayak Session with Ben Fast

Friday evening turned out to be a beautiful evening to hold my first kayak session with Ben Fast. He was kind enough to take the time to give me some key instruction before I head off to trinidad and Tobago and launch myself into a surf ski and paddle 30km in the ocean. I would say the first 20 minutes in the water were not looking promising. I was a little weary of the tippy boat and couldn't seem to get a handle on some of the technical aspects of paddling. We stopped at a dock..fixed up the distance of my foot rests and headed back to the cove and it slowly started to click. I was using my legs more, I wasn't dropping my arms as much etc etc...and then about 2 minutes before we finished I got it. I was gliding through the water smoothly and quickly. Looking forward to my next lesson....

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