Sep 24, 2007

Rubble Creek Trail Run. Cool, Crisp and Beautiful!

I went to bed Saturday night sore and tired and wondering if I could make it to this run in the morning. My alram went off at 630am and I grabbed some clothes and my bag, brushed my teeth put on my running shoes and looked outside. If it was raining I wasn't going to run but to my luck it was once again blue was going to be another gorgeous day. I put on all the warm clothes I had and left my friend Dave's place at 645am and hopped on my bike to meet my ride at Function Junction. We met and drove up to the race start. It was cold, it was early and I was still unsure how i would approach this race. I decided to just enjoy the run and treat it like a trainig run. I was not out to win. So with that in mind I was off. I started nice and slow and managed to keep a good pace where I was never over exerted so i could slowly run up the majority of hills and keep the pace constant. To my surprise as the run went on the better I was feeling. As soon as we made it out of the woods and you could see Black Tusk on the right I was feeling good....tired but not overly as I expected to feel. there was a thing layer of snow/frost on the ground and it was just picture perfect up there. I was so glad I crawled out bed for this worth it. I started to pick up the pace on the downhill portion when I was catching up to the girl in front of me I rolled over on my left ankle...I stopped I shook it off i hobbled around for a bit...teary eyed a nice girl stopped and lent me her first aid kit. I sucked down a bunch of drugs and decided to tough it out and run. I was doing a funky run/hobble/teary upset kind of thing when i went over on my right ankle and then I was down. I was in tears from pain when Russ and Christine came by and walked with me a little. I told them to head down as I could put pressure on my ankles but just had to walk very slowly as not to move them at all. So off they went and i hobbled a long. People were very kind offering me this and that. I graciously took a set of poles and a jacket and some more drugs. THANK YOU everyone for your kind words and offerings. I finally made it down to the bottom and hung out until my ride came back. WHAT a day. We made it back to North Van and I hung out with my frozen bag of peas, watched some movies and relaxed. It was great!

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