Oct 16, 2017

Excited/Nervous: Chaos in our household coming SOON!

from 13 days ago.....

I have officially started my mat leave and I have 13 days or less until "shrimp 2" comes out. I am ready physically to not be pregnant anymore... The last month is not my favorite... uncomfortable sleeps, and awkward moving around is not ideal for someone who loves to be active all the time. I also LOVE FALL for outdoor adventures especially mtn biking and trail running....

I am a very lucky pregnant person in that I am still able to be physically active enough to stay sane. I bike almost everyday with the chariot for Tav's naps... I am able to bike the wide trails off road in the park and on good days I choose the hilly routes and on tired days I choose the less hilly ones... so that gives me a little bit of a feeling of what its like out in the trails. I also walk a lot to the park with Tav, I try to keep him outside and he loves it and I love it so win win there... I am still getting out on the SUP but a little less than in the summer as we don't head to the lake everyday anymore.... in the summer it was a sure fact we would walk down to the beach and most of the time i would bring my inflatable SUP as well. The lake is super calm and quiet which is great for those peaceful flow state non thinking paddles. Also, I don't want to fall anymore. The combo of cold water and having a tough time getting back on is not so appealing at this time:)

I have been getting out do some hikes but they usually leave me more tired and with swollen feet nowadays but when its beautiful out and i get a chance to head in the mountains I can never say NO so I go and suffer a little afterwards but to me its always worth it:)

With some BIG SUP races happening in the last few months it has fueled my stoke to get back into it. I will be forever changed mentally since being a mother and especially a mother of such young kids but I am not done and I can feel the fire burning inside of me.... this is exciting stuff but a logistical nightmare to wrap my head around:) hahaha.


I had one last chariot bike ride with Tav before the big day. Tomorrow is the day: Oct 17th 2017. C section again... Totally excited and ready but pretty nervous as well. Its going to be tough for the first few weeks, not being to lift Tav or be active but I know it won't last forever. I am so excited to meet this little creature that has been living and growing inside of me...hahaha. We are ready for the new adventure ahead of us as we grow to become a family of 4. WOOHOO! Thank you all for the support and the love and we are looking forward to sharing our news when we can:)

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Sep 8, 2017

Tired, Uncomfortable, Can't Sleep, Terrified, Thrilled, PREGNANT:)

(written a week ago...) I know I am pretty lucky thus far with both my pregnancies. I have been able to do so much despite also creating a new being inside of me. The past week I think my body is finally telling me to slow down and enjoy the last 7 weeks... I have been tired, and dont even feel anxious or annoyed that I didn't get to do some lina style exercise some days... Don't get me wrong I am still active but have had to tone it down because I just am not feeling it.

Sleeping is getting uncomfortable and with lack of a good nights rest as you can imagine the rest of the day just doesn't go as smoothly which creates a nice a domino affect throughout the week.... To top it all off its back to school which means back to teaching for me. All fun and great but I am at a new school teaching a new subject so with that comes lots of planning and figuring out.

Tav is also just getting busier as he discovers what he can do... like climbing things he shouldn't, running away, jumping off things a little too high or awkward for his little body....hahaha... hectic times for sure.

I do love it... I love it all.

I also love moments like today where I got to play a small part in an amazing camp developed by Brad Swanson at Kalastar. One of the perks of being a world champion is you get invited to some pretty amazing things and this was one of them... the coolest part.. it is right here in Coldstream, BC. Josh Dueck and Mike Shaw both admirable human beings that have had some tough luck but have come out stronger and wiser and are able to share and deliver some powerful messages to others. I love this stuff:)

First week of school is in the bag. I do love being a teacher...phew (thats a relief). I am tired but am feeling surprisingly better than last week so have been able to bike to work and get out on the SUP a little. The smoke has returned and the water temp is quickly descending but we are still getting out on and in the water and enjoying some quiet beach time...

Pretty stoked that I got out and tried some single track mtn biking despite being 33 weeks pregnant.. I think riding with the chariot every day to nap Tav has really helped me stay stronger than I think I am. Its deceiving when you are bulging out and bloated... 24 hours a day...

I am ready for the smoke to leave and I am ready to see who this creature that has been growing  inside of me turns out to be...hahaha..

Mentally this has been a tough week for me. First week of class teaching in a classsroom always gives me the nerves,... its World ISA week and its so super strange for me not to be there racing... I have been so busy though its been even hard to follow... when I am not chasing Tav around I am lesson planning/cooking/cleaning/etc.... so free time is limited.... Kal classic happened last weekend and thats another odd one not to be a part of.... and my hormones are all over the place.. I am emotional on a whim sometimes for no reason at all... BUT the cool thing is... I am confident in myself, I love my fam, my home, my jobs, my friends,...etc.... and this is all part of this crazy adventure of life that I would not have any other way....

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey called LIFE:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Aug 19, 2017

I am back to Blogging: Pregnant, toddler, training, teaching, family fun.....

Its been busy times in the last 6 months. I just realized I have totally neglected my blog. So much to share and write about but its tough to fit it all in sometimes... Especially, with a growing family, jobs, training, etc.

With the new little one coming in October and some exciting new goals for the near future I thought I would resurrect the blog or at least try to:)

We have been busy, canoeing, SUPing, hiking, biking, camping, and basically exploring all that life has to offer around our home... We love taking our little man out on adventures.... with a toddler it sometimes feels like we are going on epic adventures which are just down the road:) I love it....

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with number 2 and Tav is 19.5 months old.... its summer time so I am off from teaching in school but have been doing a bit of SUP fitness and teaching SUP throughout the summer. Its nice to feel like I am still involved in the community of SUP despite not racing this year.

Its been an interesting pregnancy this time around... Trying to juggle life with a toddler, teaching, staying in shape, home life, and socializing when I can is tough and takes a lot of will power to keep things exciting and fun.

I have learned that if you want to do exciting things whilst pregnant and with a toddler... it does take planning and effort and a strong will to go. It always seems worth it in the end because you are out adventuring, exploring and having fun and sharing it with your offspring.... We head down to our local beach everyday.... and its never an easy task, especially when I decide I want to take my SUP as well.. It takes us about 30 min or more just to get ready and get out of the house,.... and then I am that weirdo walking for 10 min to the beach with a chariot with tons of things hanging off it, a toddler in it and carrying my SUP in the other hand plus being quite pregnant and doing it all in 30+ degree heat... hahaha.. it must seem ridiculous to most...but I kind of love it hahaha....

Tav always naps in the chariot and before I was too preggos I would run him to sleep which was awesome as I would get some exercise and he would be outside and sleeping away... happy on all fronts.... then running just got uncomfortable as the pregnancy creeped on... and walking just didn't cut it for me (not enough stimulus or feeling of exertion)... so I decided I would ride him to sleep behind the bike... Again, setting up the system, getting the gear organized, etc etc... never an easy straight forward task yet I would persevere through my resisting mind and body and know once I am out there on the bike it would be awesome..... I started finding road and wide dirt routes and its been so fun.... Tav falls asleep and I get to ride my bike:)

I will be back teaching for a few weeks before I have number two and on mat leave (thank you Canada) My motivation to stay in shape and find adventures has increased as I have set new goals for myself in the athletic world.... I might not share them just yet but I am pumped and excited and oh so curious how my body and mind will react to these goals...

Its going to take so much strength, determination, spirit and desire to get myself and my kids out and moving but I feed off adventure and the outdoors and I think its strong enough that no matter how annoying it is to go explore and get everyone organized and ready we will always choose the hard path inn order to get out there and explore the world little by little and cherish every moment we have as a family. I am lucky that Andrew goes along with some of my crazier ideas and is willing to do things most dads would not choose to do:)

I will keep you posted on how its all going being an athlete, a teacher, a mom of soon to be 2 small children, and the struggles, the love and the motivation:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Dec 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Tav's first Christmas and its in England:) Click picture to see album of pictures:)

Christmas 2016

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Dec 6, 2016

Searching For Sero: When life does its thing and brings beautiful people into your world

Thanks for the lovely article... Check it out and all the other amazing stories...

These two are some pretty rad folk Searching For Sero doing some amazing things. Really glad our paths have crossed a couple of weeks ago. They have taken on a huge mission and have chosen to take the harder path to help spread a message they both feel so strongly about. The outdoors is very important in my life and has given me so much in life (physically, emotionally, and spiritually,...job, husband, happiness, adventure, beauty, the list goes on). Lets make sure we take care of our nature, and most importantly go out and enjoy it... 

Picture by John Rathwell SearchingforSero


live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Nov 23, 2016

Keepin' the dream ALIVE in Fiji: 2016 ISA SUP and Paddleboard World Champs

 Photos by Ryan Knysh:) 

I am sitting in the Vancouver airport waiting for my last flight home to Vernon and it already all feels like a distant dream. Travel days are always funny as I find myself in the in between world where I cannot wait to get home and see my family but also kind of dread all the "real life" things that come with arriving home.  My mind is stuck in a sort of  semi dreamland where my brain is jammed pack with memories of all the amazingness that just occurred. My Fiji experience was filled with a mix bag of emotions that came to be through leaving a 10 month old at home, not winning gold, winning gold, getting scared, seeing beauty, meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends,...ah man the list can just go on....

I got to spend a whole lot of time with the race portion of team Canada and this rad crew along with Captain Adrian made my trip a truly memorable one. In life, I am learning, it really is all about the people you meet and the connections you make with them. I feel so lucky to have been able to travel the world and meet so many unbelievable people and share memorable moments with them.

Fiji does not have to do much to create the sensation of living in a picture perfect postcard dream.  If you are a water person then this is the place for you. If you like intense heat and sunshine this is also the place for you.... If you have a pocket full of cash (which I don't have...) this is also the place for you. hahaha....but seriously it is a pretty amazing little piece of paradise.

The Canadian team consisting of
Catherine Bruhwiler, Jeff and Finn Spencer, Alison Wood, Rob Kavcic, Ryan Knysh, Jason Bennett, MIke Darbyshire and myself were truly amazing people in every way. They created an unforgetable trip and made us all proud to be Canadian:) THANK YOU team for being your awesome selves:)

ISA Worlds
The technical race was windy and tough but I knew I could do it. It was a long day in the sun and on a crowded boat but it was all part of the experience of being there competing.  As an athlete it was important to manage all the inconveniences to the best of my ability. 16 athletes made it through to the final. In the final, I didn't have my best start but also not my worst so I just went with it and gave it my best. I could quickly see that spots 1 and 2 were out of my reach and likely 3rd as well but I wasn't giving up on it. I was battling it out with Karla from Aus for fourth. I would catch her on the upwind and she would distance herself from me on the downwind portions of the course. I could never get enough ahead so it would be a large battle for me on my weaker downwind leg into the finish... I lost, and came in 5th just out of podium and a little heart broken. Its always a tough one being the one who just misses the podium. I was starting to realize that my current life of mommy, work, lack of serious training was showing in my performance. Although I felt good I still have a ways to go to be where I once was.

The distance race was to be my specialty. Well in the past that is. I executed the perfect start and first 10 minutes. I couldn't believe it really....haha I was exactly where I wanted to be out front... and then I just started to fade and fade and fade and just kept on fading... it was unreal, such a thing has never happened to me and I can't really explain it. I just could not go any faster... Incredible.. it was hot and flat (which in the past was perfect lina conditions....) but now not so much.. haha... I crossed the line and just felt empty and slightly embarrassed. I couldn't believe that my body could have changed so drastically after having a child etc... and I was clearly undertrained and not recovered:) I took it pretty hard,.... in a fun kind of way;)

We had a tough heat for the Team relays on Sunday so we all just paddled our best and enjoyed the ride.
The last race of the event was a new event. The 200m sprint. It was not worth team points but still considered an event. I wanted this win so badly but I have to admit my confidence was low going in. it was the people surrounding me that got me pumped up and motivated: it was their belief in my abilities and mind. I was focused and nervous but also just took it with stride. I got through my heat and in the final just gave it my all. I could feel the ladies close to me but I stayed focused on the finish line and keeping my speed. 200m is a funny distance as you just start to hit your max right before the finish so it gets quite painful in the last seconds and you  have to keep pushing and not make a mistake. Well,  I managed to capture that GOLD medal. It may not have been the most important race but it was important to me and I can now be at home with pride, motivation, and inspiration. Thank you team for the support.

I hope I can one day repay all of you that supported me.... THANK you from the bottom of my heart...

Thanks to the team sponsors: Vaikobi for the rad outfits and those that supported us and helped kit us out:)

THANKS first off to Andrew, Trish and Tav.... for making it easier for me to get away. THANK You to all my friends and family near and far for all the support. Lastly I could not have done it without Tourism Vernon, SIC Maui, Nikki Rekman Sales, Sun N SUP, Onit Pro, Dylan Walters, Yvonne and Kenta, Kalavida Surf Shop, Werner Paddles, Kavu, Ryders Eyewear, UB Super, ClifBar, Crossfit Vernon, SD 22.....to name a few:)

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Nov 6, 2016

Fiji Bound: Heading to World Championships to represent Canada for SUP on Thursday:)

Its kind of mind boggling to think of what my life was like at 2015 Worlds in Mexico. How can life feel and be so different in such a short amount of time!?!?!

At the time of 2015 World SUP Champs in Mexico
I was living in Vancouver BC: now I live in Vernon/Coldstream BC a 5 hour drive east to the land of sun, orchards, lakes, and even more of an outdoor paradise...

I was contract outdoor ed teaching/living the life of a PRO SUP athlete: Now a PE teacher in the public school systems and slightly less feel of the PRO athlete life but there is still some lingering aspects that I hope stick around for a while yet:)

I at the time did not know I had a baby growing inside of me so with all do respects I was childless: now have a 10 month old baby boy named Tavas.  He just rocks my world in all the right ways:)

My hubby and I owned an apartment: we now own a house and Andrew did an amazing job on the new kitchen we renovated.

I knew a whole crew of amazing folks and now know an even larger crew of amazing folks:)

I digress...

Its been a roller coaster of a ride in all the right ways.... Following your dreams and passions and excelling at them is never easy: The training, the logistics, the team building, the life balance. I have had good weeks and tougher weeks.... Juggling the job, motherhood, being a wife, training, adventuring, friendship building etc its been a blast but definitely has had some challenging moments. I love it all...life is one fullfilling adventure and I would not have it any other way;)

Am I ready for Fiji? I have no clue.
Did I train enough? I have no idea.

What I do know is that I got out on the water when I could, I got to the gym when I could and I embraced as much creativity to make me feel as prepared as I could considering my circumstances. I bike to work, I run with Tav for one of his nap times, I work out in the basement, etc.

I am excited to represent Canada for my 3rd ISA. This is one of my favourite races of the year as there is so much country pride and it is about so much more than just yourself.... I am always so proud to represent Canada. I would love to hear the anthem once again...

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of those that have helped me get to these world champs. I have had support from close and far and do not even know where to begin in the repayment of heart felt gratitude.

I am beyond stoked to finally have a full Canadian team at the ISA champs:) This is our first year of full representation among all disciplines. We have a rad crew with great talent and I can't wait to see what each athlete can do... but no matter what I am beyond proud of each of them and feel so lucky that I can captain such an amazing crew:) GO CANUCKS:)))))))))))))

What am I racing? I am racing an 18km distance race. Map below. It looks epic and stunning. Pretty stoked... it also sounds like there will be a whole bunch of different conditions, surf, open ocean, flat, chop, downwind.... interesting to see what it will shape up to be like... This is d=typically my stronger discipline but I think it will depend on the conditions and how my mind and body react. I have not had very much ocean time since moving to Vernon (lake country) and having a baby....

and a course race..... looks kind of epic... It was originally planned in a more subdued part of the ocean which was more of my thing but hey I will go out and enjoy the ride as much as possible:) Hopefully my surf legs come back to me pretty quick;) I do naturally have great starts and it seems like a fairly short course so it will be interesting to see how my mind and body react to the course presented below:)

So I am off on Thursday leaving my husband, Tav, and students at VSS in Vernon. (Lucky for Tav and Andrew, Andrew's mom is flying in from the UK to help out:)) I am off to travel to a warm paradise to continue to follow my passions, inspire, compete, live the dream:)))))

Thank you to family, SIC, Tourism Vernon, Werner Paddles, Nikki Rekman Sales, Sun n SUP, OnIt PRO, Kavu, SUPSkin, UB Super, ClifBar, Ryders Eyewear, Kalavida Surf Shop, and friends near and far.... I hope I can do you all proud, I hope I can do Canada proud:)

You will be able to follow the event on the ISA website at http://isaworlds.com/sup/2016/en/

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!