Jan 31, 2011

I am a school teacher at the Selkirk Mountain Experience...

After experiencing  my first helicopter ride in the fog (cool but kind of scary...), and skiing two amazing ski touring days with spectacular views and amazing pow, I was ready to settle into my job.. the thing that brought me to this very special place in the mountains...

School started today.. We finished module 2.1 today in french, organized the school room which mostly consisted of intoxicating ourselves with chalkboard paint while we painted one of the doors and part of the table... PE today was snowshoeing and ice arena building which consisted of snow shovelling a ton of snow (awesome work out... with a purpose).. we are building a curling rink/hockey rink/figure skating rink.... surrounded by snowy peaks....

I was worried about my fitness level a little before I came out here..as I knew I wouldn't be able to do my regular routine such as running/biking/crossfit/kayaking/etc but I am no longer worried... I get to ski tour, snowshoe, shovel, skate, do yoga, and do a lina version of crossfit plus much more!

all smiles on this lady!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 26, 2011

Heading to the Selkirk Mountains

a quick update:

Had some fun with my dad. Showed him a little teaser of some of my favorite winter sports:downhill sking, xc country skiing and snowshoeing both in the sunshine and in the rain! haha

I have a free ride bike, love it and can't stop thinking about biking.... yes trails! I've been hitting up the local trails with Andrew on foot and bike lately in the warmish weather we have been getting in Vancouver. 

ALso have been still trying to figure out what I want to focus on in the summer re: races/trips/expeditions...I love everything too much: AR and SUP are high up there on my list and I have been drooling over some races/adventures concerning these two sports (luckily AR includes mtn biking, running, and kayaking)...

I am in Revelstoke and making my way to the Durrand Glacier Lodge where I will be working and living for the next couple of months. 

 Check out the Selkirk Mountain Experience... and be JEALOUS! 

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Jan 16, 2011

Pacific Northwest: the multisport heaven...

Last weekend was grand.
Thursday evening Andrew and I met up with Ben and Johnny for what used to be our regular  thursday day night paddle from Strathcona docks... cool/calm and gorgeous...

I got to enjoy yoga friday night with a good friend in a stylish downtown studio on the east side...

Saturday four of us headed to Mt Baker for a ski tour and jump practice. The snow was falling hard which just forced us to practice our tree skiing in deep fluffy pow.... not complaining one bit!

Old enough to know better (Mt Baker Jan 2011) from Andrew Dye on Vimeo.

Sunday I enjoyed a run and mtn bike ride on the shore with folks... the run was quite regular just out our door and the ride was on fromme mtn....snowy/icy conditions but ideal for some laughs, frustrations and good times with good friends...

Pretty awesome to live in a place where it is possible to do most outdoor sports anytime of the year... As long as you dress for the weather and have a positive attitude it all can be done!

I am still working on my 2011 athletic goals... I have a couple of things in mind but have to fine tune, talk to some folks, etc... I am looking for something different, something exciting, something adventurous!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 9, 2011

video from New Years Backcountry ski days!

Thanks Andrew for putting this together so well!

Pemberton New Year 2010 from Andrew Dye on Vimeo.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 3, 2011

The Holidays....always an adventure!

I am going to be a little lazy right now and use my talented friends to help me share my recent adventures.

Andrew and I travelled to the UK for the Christmas portion of the holidays. And spent the last three days backcountry skiing from Pemberton around the Duffey Lake road mountains.

In short:
there were many cancelled flights; impromptu New York City highlights including a run around central park, a sprint in the Edinburgh airport, mountain biking on snow and ice in Sheffield, midnight mass in a 1010 year old church, running in the new forest with ponies, dutch bicycling, squatter restaurant, and dutch old man bar.

Sheffield mtn biking
Time Square
1010 year old church


Check Andrew's blog for Europe Fun!

And on the Duffey:
We hit up Rhor, Joffre Shoulder and Armchair Glacier (Cayoosh). SUN, powder, lots of climbing, pillows, and good friends!

Picture by Paul Palfreyman
Picture by Paul Palfreyman

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!