Mar 30, 2008

Return from Baja Traversia

I can't believe the race is over and I'm back in the united states. I will be home in CAN tomorrow night....In some ways it feels like it never even occurred...The last week and a half have seemed dream like...the travels, the race, the pain, the excitement, the rush, the cold, the heat, the people...I'm sitting here in San Diego, eating chocolate cake, with my feet on the table to try and drain the swelling in my ankle and air out my blisters...and I am at peace....more so than I have felt in a very long time. I feel no rush to get home (although am excited to see everyone), I feel no need to stay either....I just feel like wandering, learning, experimenting, living....I feel so blessed to have met these amazing people in the last week..I will write up a proper race report upon my return to CAN with pictures and stories. For now if you haven't yet checked the race website you should...

my team's website

For now, I am out heading to an acro yoga/yoga slacklining workshop held by Jason Magness....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Mar 21, 2008

Kim Steed...My saviour..Thursday morning before the flight

715am...up and cranking on my pedals Kim S
745am...still cranking on my pedals
815am...Kim at my door tools in hand
9am...Bike and paddles in box...
Kim, I would have been royally for a lack of a better word "screwed"...I owe you big time!
Trudi, I owe you too...Thanks for he pick up and ride to the airport
Delta Airlines, thank you with cherries on top for not charging me for my made my day
Next Step...LA and finally meeting my teammates...

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

Last Minute Packing....

The last minute gong-show....

I got short I was travelling by bus with a deadline of 6pm because that's when all the stores close. I was working it pretty good until one store then the other etc didn't have a part I wanted...I was tired constrained by time and excited/nervous and poor Kim got to witness my mini break down...It was a short burst of blah...letting it all out...Thanks for being calm and talking some sense into me!

I got home at 8pm and went to work checking things off my gear list etc. Things were going fairly smoothly until I got to my bike. I just simply couldn't get my pedals off so I could pack up my bike. I even asked my neighbour if he could use his manly strength and nothing. I was tired and a little cranky so decided I'd spray some WB40 let it sit over night and I'd deal with it in the morning.....

Mar 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Baja...

So I'm heading out on Thursday for my second expedition style adventure race.

Baja Traversia is a 300km race across the Baja Peninsula in Mexico for up to five days ( we are aiming for 3-4). This is a non-stop race including trekking, biking, paddleboarding, navigation, canyoneering, kayaking , rappelling and rally cars to get us from one side to the other.

Each team will be carrying a GPS tracker so you can find out where we are on the Peninsula anytime during the race. You can check us out online at:
Our team name is Yogaslackers. I'm racing with two guys Jason and Daniel. Funny, I have yet to meet them in person...makes for an added adventure to my already huge adventure....can you tell that I thrive on adventures? HA.
Anyways, right now its all about packing and getting ready to fly out but tonight I will still head out to kayak with Johnny in my first attempt at the double surfski....I pray that I do not fall in as it will damn cold if I do....and if you know me..I am NOT a fan of being cold.

Mar 17, 2008 and family

The last few days I was in Ottawa primarily for work and a little bonus time with the family. I got in a few short runs and it actually wasn't as cold as I thought it would be so I was pleasantly surprised that I was shedding some layers throughout my runs. We lodged at the Lord Elgin Hotel right downtown and so it provided me with some great little runs along the canal and over some bridges and into hull. On Sunday I spent some time with my little (not so little anymore) nephew Kiefer, my sister Asta, her boyfriend, my grandma, dad and two good friends Julie and Rachelle. It was relaxing and just a blast to see everyone. Next time I get too is Rasa's wedding in August (which feel like ages away but I know it'll be August before I know it). Here are some cute pics of our Sunday afternoon walk.

Mar 12, 2008

Tuesday Night Kayaking....Ben was Back!

Ben came into my life in September when I decided to take on the Coast to Coast Trinidad challenge and required some help with kayaking. Little did either of us know that I would develop such a keen interest in kayaking. Ben fully inspired me. It’s amazing how someone without realizing it can inspire another, all it takes is truly being passionate about something. Ben has been away most of the winter and so I haven’t paddled with him in awhile (although Johnny and I use his boat on a weekly basis). Last night he was back and it was super! My upper body is still somewhat sore as Johnny and I had to paddle a little harder than usual to keep up. I love our night paddles, its one of my favorite moments of the week. There is nothing like being on the water under the stars and moon with the cool air hitting your face and the sound of the water rippling pas the boat as you push through each stroke….well maybe night skiing/snowshoeing on one of the local mountains with the city’s lights twinkling down below, feeling like an angel running/gliding through the sparkling white powder….lucky me I get to experience that too….Life is good

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

Mar 10, 2008

Yeti #4 and Whistler

The Last Yeti Race and Whistler

Saturday morning Kim Steed picked me up and we headed to Cypress, the fog was thick heading up the mountain and the air was warm…I felt pretty good. Throughout the first 3 races of the series I didn’t really put any pressure on myself but still raced well. Earlier in the week I found out I was 3rd in the running for the title of “Queen of the Mountains”. It got me pumped, as well this race was considered the Canadian Nationals for snowshoeing (although really only people within driving distance took part..the sport is in its growing years). So I felt like there was a little more pressure to perform at this race (all positive pressure). I was feeling pretty good but wasn’t too sure what was going to happen as at my last yeti race I didn’t fair so well.
At the race start I noticed my “competitors” they were all present…I knew it wouldn’t be an easy race…One thing that I praise myself on at races is my ability to focus on myself and my race rather than focus on who is present and what they are doing. The weather made a turn for the better and the sun started to peak out, nice but the snow quickly turned into slush, when snowshoeing (especially uphill) not an easy task. The course was a 5km loop done twice. It was my kind of course, rolly, there were uphills, downhills and some flat. There was double track but it mostly consisted of single track trails. We began on a groomed uphill double track which eventually led us into the single track snowshoe trails. I felt pretty good coming into my second loop until we hit that first uphill. Due to the warm snow and the 200 some snowshoers tracking this section out it turned into a tough climb and sort of knocked one’s confidence down a notch until you could hit up the single track again. I felt even better on the second loop and ended up running it pretty much on my own. I ran across the line in 3rd place (female). I was pleased.

Following the race I caught a bus to Whistler where I spent some time with old friends and skied on Sunday. Once again, I had a great weekend playing in the snow.

Live, Love, Laugh,..DREAM!

Mar 3, 2008

Vert Fest, Crystal Mountain

Let me start by letting you know that this weekend inspired me to climb Mt Rainier this Spring/Summer. I was ski touring on Sunday and it was there, so beautiful, so monstrous, so peaceful looking and all I could think about was how much I wanted to climb that mountain......

Another random fabulous weekend. I'm getting pretty good at going with the swing of things and having the time of my life....truly "livin the dream". This weekend I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen for awhile...It was nice but unfortunately, our weekend together did not last too long...

After many hours of travel Chris and I finally arrived at the base of Crystal Mountain. We decided to see if the only bar (The Snorting Elk) on the mountain was hoppin'....a live band was playing and there were people of all types hanging out having a good time..

we had a couple of drinks and mingled until I got pretty tired and our home for the night was not set up yet....We decided to camp out on Lot B...Chris rolled the car into the parking lot and set up the tent behind his was snowing and wet...he was kind enough to lend me his warm sleeping bag and awesome thermarest....Other than the snowblowers running at 2am onwards I slept great...

Saturday morning I found myself at the start line of a ski mountaineer race. It was a good race, a decent course but I would have enjoyed some more transitions. I find when a course doesn't change a lot my mind starts to drift and my speed digresses. I messed up a little on the first round of ups....I tried to be a superstar and not book pack when everyone else did..eventually i had to succumb to the boot pack and I fared much better as the trail was well broken in but I did loose lots of places from my scatterness....The first down was great, we scored some great powder and then ripped down the groomers back to the beginning to start it all over again...The second uphill felt a lot easier but the beginning of the down was icy and steep and I really had to concentrate hard to get down...all in all good fun...I got to try out some dynafits for the rest of the afternoon.....I managed to score a 3rd place finish again and won some shwag and $$...awesome..following the awards Chris wasn't feeling too hot and wanted to head down but I wasn't ready...I really wanted to tour on Sunday....after talking to my new Dynafit friends (Time,Benedict and Jaime) they offered me their spare bed, to join them on their tour on Sunday and a ride back to Bellingham....PERFECT. Chris went on his way and I stayed behind and socialized at the Snorting Elk....


What a perfect day....the sun was shining, we were exploring new terrain, the group was fantastic and Mt Rainier was glowing in the background.....I don't have much to say other than I love the mountains......we shredded some pow, skinned up some peaks and had lunch outside on the patio in the sun....

I made it home by 1130pm with zero regrets and only beautiful memories and new friendships....

I just want to emphasize that anything is impossible if you want it bad enough....follow your passions and dreams and happiness will may be scary, lonely, and hard at times but if you take that risk and go for can not loose....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!