Nov 22, 2010

It's Snow Time

This weekend I was very sad to hear that the Fall Beast Adventure race was cancelled. I was super stoked to race AR again and even more stoked to race and spend time with good friend Megan. I look forward to racing a beast race next year as AR friends and awesome athletes put on some great events.
Well, I got to at least do one of those things..

Megan, Ann and I headed up to Cypress for our first XC ski of the season.... Its always hilarious/tiring the first day out... XC is a true full body workout... and if you have been lazy about waxing skis (like me) and the snow conditions aren't perfect than it adds to your resistance training as well. It was loads of fun and look forward to getting out more on the skinny skis

Sunday I switched to my fatter skis and headed out to Mt Zoa with Andrew, Paul, and Andy. We definitely skied some pow. Check out the sweet video Andrew made:

It was good times, great exercise, decent pow and turns but gosh was it cold.... -15 C
YAY for snow!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Nov 15, 2010

Sweet Turns

This weekend, two friends and I headed to Steep Creek to check out the early season snow situation off the Duffey Lake Road. We managed to ski on snow the entire way into camp. It took us about 3 times as long but we enjoyed the pleasant weather and adventurous climbing, over, under, through, tree trunks, rocks, and streams. I managed to get one ski through the lake by accident... oops but all was well just some wet skins..

Sunday we ventured up through the forest to the clearing... it was tough going through the forest but made for some fun route making as there were more than normal amounts of obstacles in the way. Up high on the knoll our first descent was YES through POWDER...pretty impressive turns for early season...Unfortunately our second run proved to be a little noisy as we scrapped some rocks that were hiding underneath the snow... but managed some good turns still.. The adventure continued throughout the day but we had SUN, we had SNOW, and we had SMILES...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Nov 10, 2010

SUP Surfin' in Tofino....

This past weekend Andrew, Suzanne, Jas, Julia, and myself headed to Tofino for some surf sessions and relaxation. The weather report was showing rain but when water is the sport you are playin in rain doesn't really matter anyways! I was pretty excited to try out SUP surfin again. I got pretty stoked in California at Battle of the Paddle from all the surf sessions... I also realized how much learning I have ahead of me (exciting stuff, learning is fun!) inorder to be competitive in the surf type races... I want to be good!...

I borrowed the Starboard Whopper from Trident Sports. I remember surfing this board in california and it was fun and stable and great for learning to SUP surf... I was pretty stoked to get a lend for the weekend. THANK YOU Trident Sports. The board proved to be perfect for the conditions and for me. It is wide and stable and big which made going out past the break much easier and catching waves fun(after getting knocked down a bunch....practice and persistence is key to learning).

The five of stayed in a beautiful hostel at the end of Tofino (The Whalers On the Point IH Hostel) Saturday morning we headed to South Chesterman Beach and played in the surf for several hours. There were 3 whitewater kayakers, myself on the SUP and one surfer... We are a diverse bunch of friends! Check out the video that Andrew put together!

Tofino, November 2010 from Andrew Dye on Vimeo.

The rest of the day on Saturday was spent indoors due to lots and lots of rain... I ended up meeting up with my good friend Jessie, A Ukee born and raised, a killer surfer and painter!

Sunday was tougher, stronger and bigger waves. I found it really tough to get past the break, but was enjoying it all until my paddle got stuck under my board in a tumbling crash and the strong sea ripped it out of my hands. I thought it would have floated to shore as the tide was coming in but it was never seen again :(... ah well, you win some you loose some!

I look forward to some more surf sessions... For now I see snow on the shore mountains and my feet are starting to itch for ski boots, skis and the white powdery stuff!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


Nov 1, 2010

Halloween adventures in the city and on the trails

Fun weekend playin around the city. I don't generally enjoy weekends in the city as much as weekends out in the wild but this weekend had enough variety, excitement, and friends that I definitely enjoyed it and embraced living in the big city.
It began with a run around lynn valley trails. I am lovin' trail running again, re inspired by the Hallowe's Eve trail race last weekend. I love the mud, the technical roots, rocks and steep terrain. The air temperature is about perfect for running: crisp and fresh. After our run Andrew and friends checked out a new little cafe that opened down the street from our place called the PERCH. It has a total east van vibe, good food and cheap drinks. Its nice to be able to WALK to a gathering rather than bike once in awhile. Biking is loads of fun but you can never feel fresh looking after a ride somewhere...

Saturday Kala, Jason, and I went for a killer run on some of the Seymour trails. It included some good technical flattish sections, steep ups and steeper and even more technical descent... the sun was shining, the air was cool, and the trails satisfying. I finished some halloween last minute shopping and then biked over to Angie and Paul's new place on Main street to help them move in. It's nice to have them a little bit closer for some more hangin out time together... Our group of friends are definitely creating an east van clan... YES! Andrew, Mark, and I headed out for ride on the shore before all the halloween celebrations. The rain just began to come down as we were climbing up to the trails. We managed to hit bobsleigh in the light which was grand and then climbed all the way back up to Witches Brew, dreamweaver and Baden Powell to finish it off. The boys managed to make their eyes adjust to the growing darkness but I was struggling at the end and put my lights on for the last section of Baden Powell... it was a good thing as it was my best performance of the day with the lights on.

Saturday night a group of 8 of us were found riding around town in costumes, honking horns and ringing bells, all with smiles on our painted faces and drops of rain hanging from our costumes! We headed to different parties around east vancouver enjoying the halloween vibe!

sunday morning after a well deserved sleep in and wicked post party breakfast created by ANdrew a bunch of us hit up the northshore trails. The boys biked and SJ and I went for around a 2hour run.... sunshine, fun trails, and wicked company equalled a fun way to spent Sunday afternoon in the city!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!