Sep 30, 2007

Thursday Night Paddle in the XT Surf Ski Sept 27 2007

I had the wonderful pleasure of kayaking with Ben and Gary on Thursday night. It was my first session out on the surf ski XT. In the back of my mind I was thinking, it was cold and rainy and I am going to fall out of the boat...arg...I have the pleasure of telling you my first experience was a salt free one (I would have said dry but I was kind of wet from the rain). We went out to a little past Cates Park when the waves got a little choppier and my confidence dropped...oh about 50% so we turned around and headed back. I must say I was a little stressed for awhile there. I don't think I have ever concentrated so hard...I REALLY did not want to fall in. There was a lot of self talk and praying going on in my head. It ended up being a great paddle session and once again I wished I had brought my camera out on the boat...I think its time for a waterproof haha. We then retreated to the Raven Pub for our usual grub and beer and kayak talk.

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