Race Results

Racing/Events 2018

April 2018 Carolina Cup, Wrightsville Beach North Carolina  USA
12th female
May 2018 Kerami Blue Cup Zamami Japan
4th female
May 2018 CSA Canadian Championships Sidney BC Canada
1st overall female (1st distance and tech and sprint)

Racing/Events 2017
Pregnant with my second child:)

Racing/Events 2016

April 2016: Carolina Cup, Wrightsville Beach North Carolina  USA
8th female
June 2016: Yukon River Quest Whitehorse Yukon CANADA
1st female
July 2016: Tofino BC SUP Cup Race/ Canadian Championships Tofino BC CANADA
1st overall female (1st in distance and tech races)
July 2016: Champion of the Crescent Whiterock BC CANADA
1st female
August 2016: Gorge Paddle Challenge, Hood River, OR USA
8th technical race
August 2016: Kalamalka Classic Vernon BC CANADA
1st Overall Female (1st Distance and Tech)
November 2016: ISA World Championships FIJI
5th Tech race
8th Distance race

Racing/Events 2015

March 15th 2015: Beach and Board Fest, Cocoa Beach FL USA
1st elite female 
April 25th 2015: Carolina Cup, Wrightsville Beach, NC USA
3rd elite female 
May 9-16 2015: ISA World Championships, Sayulita, Mexico
2nd elite female Distance Race, 4th Technical Race
May 30-21 2015: SUP CUP St Maxime, France
2nd elite female overall
June 6th-7th 2015: Lost Mills Brombaschee Germany 
1st place Fastest Paddler on Earth, Lost Mills Germany
June 13-14th 2015: Bilbao World SUP Challenge, Bilbao, Spain
1st place female overall (sprints and distance as well)

A little Break for Pregnancy and to give birth to my first child:) Back to racing in 2016
BUT still part of events

Aug 22-23 Hood River, Gorge Paddle Challenge
Co announcing with Al
Sept 5-6 Vernon BC, Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival
Co race director, co-organizer, co-announcer with Kalavida Surf Shop (Kevin)
Sept 12th Seattle WA Round The Rock
Announcer and in charge of Werner Athlete Booth

Racing/Events 2014
MAJOR WINS in 2014 include: 
Gold at ISA World Championships in the long distance race
Fastest Paddler on Earth 2014
First Place BOP Distance Race as well as Overall BOP Champion 2014
Overall 2014 World Champion: World Series

Jan 12, 2014: Orange Bowl Paddle Championships, Florida US
1st elite female distance and sprint
February 2014 West Vancouver, BC: Speaker at Mulgrave School for the grade 6 class
March 7/8, 2014 Punta Sayulita, Sayulita, Mexico
1st elite female for distance and elite short course
April 5th, 2014: California Coastal Relay California, US
1st mixed team 14ft boards
April 12th, 2014: Stand Up for Clean Water Malibu, California US
1st overall female 
April 17-19, 2014: World Series #2 Abu Dhabi, UAE
1st overall elite female
April 26th, 2014 Carolina Cup, Wrightsville Beach North Carolina, US
3rd overall elite female
May 3-11, 2014 ISA SUP and Paddleboard World Championships, Granada Nicaragua
1st Women Distance event
2nd Women Technical event
June 12-14 Stand up Paddle for Men's Health: Paddle from Vancouver to Victoria 11 paddlers: Canadian's Men Health Foundation
June 19-21, 2014 Lost Mills International Race, Lake Brombaschsee, Germany
1st Place Elite Women FASTEST female PADDLER ON EARTH
1st place Elite Women 18km Lost Mills Race
June 28th, 2014 SUPER Surf Challenge Porec, Croatia
1st Place Elite Women 13km
July 4-5th, 2014 Castlegar, BC Canada
1st Place Women 17km Downriver SUP race BC SUP CUP #2
1st Place Women River SUP Cross
July 12-13 2014 Season Five Summit Games, Frisco CO USA
1st Triathlon (SUP, mtn bike, trail run)
1st Elite Women SUP long distance 6miles
July 19-20 2014 World Series #3 Ferhman Germany
1st place overall PRO Women
July 27th 2014 M2O Hawaii US
2nd place Mixed team of 2
Aug 9-10 2014  Lobster SUP CUP, Maine US
1st place overall Women
Aug 22-23rd 2014 Gorge Paddle Challenge, Hood River OR US
2nd place short course PRO women
Aug 30-31st 2014 Kalamalka Classic Vernon BC CAN
1st overall Elite Women
Sept 7th 2014 Round the Rock, Seattle WA US
1st overall elite women
Sept 14th 2014 Board the Fjord, Deep Cove BC CAN
1st overall women 
BC SUP CUP Champion
Sept 20-21 2014 World Series #4 Huntington Beach, CA USA
2nd Distance race, 4th Overall female
Oct 4-5 Battle of the Paddle Salt Creek CA USA
1st overall 1st Distance elite, 2nd elite course
October 12th 2014 Turtle Bay Hawaii
Stand Up World Series Overall Champion for 2014!!!!!!!!!!

Racing/Events 2013 
2013: BC SUP Champion, Canadian SUP Champion, 3rd at BOP in elite distance
March 8th, 2013: FEAT Canada Speaker: complete
June 9th, 2013: Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films Speaker: complete
June 29th, 2013: BC SUP CUP #2 10km downwind, Naramata, BC: 
1st female and 2nd overall
July 6th, 2013: Eastern Canadian SUP Champs, 15km, Port Credit ON: 
1st female
July 13th, 2013: Maui 2 Molokai 27 miles downwind:
1st female on 14ft
July 14th, 2013: Molokai 4 Molokai, 8 miles downwind:
1st female on 14ft and 2nd female overall
July 21st: Maui Paddleboard Champs 10 miles downwind
5th female UNL 30-45
July 28th, 2013: Molokai 2 Oahu, Molokai to Oahu, HI
6th female SUP
August 4th, 2013: SunDog Semiahmoo BC SUP CUP Race #4: White Rock, BC
1st female overall
August 10-11, 2013: Tahoe Nalu, Lake Tahoe, CA
1st female overall 10 miler distance, 2nd female overall Survivor Course
August 17-18, 2013: Battle of the Bay, San Rafael CA
1st female overall
August 24-25, 2013: Vancouver SUP Challenge, BC CAN 
1st female overall and BC SUP CUP Champion for 14ft board class
August 31-Sept2, 2013: Kalamalka Classic, Vernon, BC, CAN
1st female 14ft Canadian Champion; 1st overall female (Queen of Kalamalka)
September 8th, 2013: Round the Rock, Seattle, WA
1st female overall
September, 15th, 2013: Board The Fjord, BC, CAN
1st female overall
September 28th, 2013: Battle of the Paddle, Dana Point, CA
3rd female overall distance race
December 6/7, 2013: Paddle Royal, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1st place Pro Women
From April to September I will participate in the Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Tuesday Night Races: a series of fun races from 4-12km in length in association with other paddling types... these are my favorite! I love TNR at Deep Cove

I will also try to enter as many Big Chop races as possible throughout the summer, which run every 2nd Thursday. 

July 7th, 2012: Eastern Canada SUP Championships, Toronto, ON, CAN
1st elite female
July 21, 2012: END-WET Down river (Race/race coord/clinics), Grand Forks, ND, US
1st overall and successful
August 11th 2012: Ta-hoe Nalu Paddle Fest, Lake Tahoe, CA USA
4th overall elite female
August 18th 2012: Gorge Paddle Challenge, Hood River, OR
4th elite female in short course
August 25th, 2012: Oceanman team Maui Jim, Vancouver BC CAN 
1st place female team
August 26th, 2012: Vancouver SUP Challenge, Vancouver BC CAN
1st place overall female
September 9, 2012: Round The Rock, Seattle, WA USA
1st place 12'6 female
September 16th, 2012: Board the Fjord, Deep Cove, BC CAN
1st place 12'6 female
September 2012: Battle of the Paddle, Dana Point California, USA
1st female stock 30-39 OPEN race
5th elite women/overall women DISTANCE race
10th Team Relay (Team Canada: Mike D, Norm H, Gary P, ME)
November 3/4 2012: WPA Hennessey's World Championships, SUP MExico, Cabo Mexico
5th Long Distance
5th Short Course
5th Overall
December 9, 2012:Pacific Paddle Surf: Crocodile Classic, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1st Sprint
1st Distance
March 17, 2012: Chongqing Marathon, CHINA - 
May 19, 2012: Great Wall Marathon, Beijing, CHINA
4:26 3rd fastest female (4th place)

1. April 19, 2011: Tuesday Night SUP Race: Deep Cove: 4.9km- 
1st female & overall
2. April 23, 2011: Jetty Island SUP race
1st overall
3. April 26, 2011: Tuesday Night SUP Race: Deep Cove
1st female & 3rd overall
4. Snow to Surf Relay Race (Canoe leg): Comox, BC: 
1st open mixed team
5. Lake Whatcom Paddling Race SUP: Bellingham WA: 
1st place female
6. May 10, 2011: Tuesday Night SUP Race: Deep Cove: 5.25km-
1st overall and 1st female
7. Tour De Indian Arm approx 10km SUP race: Deep Cove: 
1st female, 4th overall
8. May 24, 2011: Tuesday Night SUP Race: Deep Cove 6.8km: 
1st overall
9. June 7, 2011: Tuesday Night SUP Race: Deep Cove 8km
3rd overall, 1st female
10. June 14: Tuesday Night SUP Race: Deep Cove: 
1st 12'6 overall and 1st female
11. June 18-19: Kalamalka Classic: Vernon, BC: Queen of Kalamalka 
1st in short, sprint and long
12. Vancouver SUP race: Jericho Beach: 
1st female 4km; 1st place relay
1. Nimby Fifty: Pemberton Marathon mtn bike race: 
5th in age group
2. 24 Hours of Light mtn bike race: Whitehorse Yukon: 
1st team(pairs)
1. Raid the North Extreme: 6 day Adventure Race: Kootenays: Team Gearjunkie/Yogaslackers: 
5th team
2. Oceanman multisport: Jericho Beach: 
3rd female
1. Hangzhou International Marathon CHINA, Nov 6th 2011: 
13th female

1. Battle of the Paddle: 
Elite race, Distance Race, Team Canada Race
2. Island Race Series Race #4- Ucluelet, BC
1st female
3. Deep Cove Tuesday Night Races- 
1st female all, first overall some...
4. Big Winds Race Series Race #3 Hood River, 
1st female
5.  Kalamalka Classic- 
1st female 3.5 mile; 1st female 10 mile race
6.  Tour De Indiam Arm 10km race-  
4th overall1st female


Fall Cyclocross races (Lower mainland Vancouver, BC)
September Frosty 50km Trail Run (Manning Park, BC)
4th female
August: Guide Best of BC Great Explorations (Squamish, Whistler, BC)
July 11-15 Acroyoga Immersion (Sweden)
July 2-9 Explore Sweden 6 Day Adventure Race (Sweden)
complete race
June 20 12 hr of Cumberland Mountain Bike Race
1st place team
June 7 Around Bowen Kayak Challenge 32km
2nd place kayak mixed doubles
June 2-12 Wilderness First Aid 90hr course Slipstream
May 2-10 SKILS Kayak Guide Training Course (Ucluelet)
April 19 Snow to Surf Relay (Comox)
1st place team Fig Rolls
Feb 9-20 Wenger Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race (Chile)
5th place team
Feb2-8 Trans Andes Challenge Mtb Bike Race (Pucon, Chile)
1st place cooed doubles

Racing 2008

Iron Lung 21km Trail Run
4th Overall
Coast Raid 4 Day Adventure Race
1st place Team Yogaslackers
Gorge Games 24 hour Adventure Race
3rd Place Team Yogasalckers
Knee Knacker 50km Trail Run
7th female 6:24
Seek the Peak relay
1st place
Comfortably Numb 25km Trail Run
Lotus Surf Ski Race 11km
Round Bowen Kayak Race
2nd place mixed doubles
Desert Dash one day Adventure Race
1st place team Yogaslackers
Desert Winds 26 Hour Adventure Race
1st place team DART
Tour De Indian Arm 11km Kayak Race
1st place female
Lake Whatcom 19km Kayak Race
5th female surf ski
Suburban Rush one day Adventure Race
1st female
Whistler Backcountry Freeride Jam
5th female(randonne), 2nd female(uphill challenge)
Reach the Peak Race snowshoe and run
1st place female
Baja Travesia  3 day Adventure Race
3rd place team Yogaslackers
Yeti Snowshoe Race #4 Cypress Mountain
3rd female
VertFest Ski Randonne
3rd female
Powder Fest Ski Randonne
3rd female
Yeti Snowshoe race#3 Grouse Mountain
5th female
Yeti Snowshoe Race#2 Seymour Mountain
4th female
Yeti Snowshoe Race #1 Mt Washington
2nd female

Racing 2007

Haney To Harrison 100km Relay Run Race
Coast to Coast Trinidad 2 day multisport race, Trinidad and Tobago
2nd place female
Momar #3 Cumberland, BC
1st place
Rubble Creek 26km Trail Run,Whistler BC
Cheakamus Challenge Mountain Bike, Squamish to Whistler
3rd place age group 
4th Dimension 24 hour Adventure Race, Olympic Peninsula,
1st place team of 2 mixed, 2nd place overall
ESAC Adventure Race, Grouse Mountain, N. Vancouver
1st place team overall
Stormy 50 mile Trail Run, Squamish
2nd place female
Mt Seymour 5 Peaks Trail Run, Enduro, Mt Seymour
2nd place female
Gearjammer Mountain Bike Race, Squamish
3rd place female age group
Squamish Thunder 16km Trail Run, Squamish
Raid The North Extreme, Prince Rupert
New Balance Half Ironman Victoria
Full Moon In June Adventure Race, Alberta
Iron Knee 25km Trail Run, North Vancouver
MOMAR #1 Squamish BC
1st place team of 4
Suburban Rush Adventure Race, Port Moody
World Backcountry Freeride Jam Whistler
2nd place female
Chuckanut 50km Trail Run, Bellingham WA