Feb 7, 2010

Thar and Nak..... Up the Coquihalla

Andrew is off skiing for a week in Well's grey. I so wish I could have gone with him but I have some big things to finish here in the city...mainly getting certified to become a teacher. So,....

Marg, Kala and I got out for a ski today which was great. I worked hard yesterday and needed to get out in the mountains and shred some pow... I've decided that backcountry skiing is one of my all time favorite past times... I would never pass up a chance to hit up some slopes in the mountains (except when I need to do some serious lesson planning.... I've been proud of my restraints but it aint pretty sometimes)

None of us had ever been on Thar mountain before so it was fun to figure out our route together. We managed to find some sweet pow on the backside and got some good turns in despite some other areas with more challenging snow conditions.. nonetheless it was a beautiful day, we were exploring a new area and I was with two of the most fabulous ladies I know! I loved today! yay for skiing and exploring!

now back to it...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!