Sep 26, 2007

North Shore News and my little pre-race rant as I was too tired to train day!!!

A fairly new experience for me was chatting with North Shore News today about my trip to Trinidad and Tobago and the race I will be participating in. It should be in the papers shortly so keep an eye out for it. I am getting very exciting about the race and feel so blessed to have so much positive support around me. Gary, you rock! Bryan, Kim, Colin, Cyril, Chris and Marshall, Ben, work colleagues, friends, family...I can not thank you don't understand how grateful I am and how much I appreciate all of your efforts and kindness. This trip and race happened on such short notice and I feel like fate played a small role in its occurence.
Heading down on my own to a country I know little about to participate in a race I know even less about against some top endurance athletes from around the world is going to be quite the adventure. I'm nervous, excited and curious. I feel healthy and fit and ready for the 2 day battle.
Sometimes, it is difficult to step out and take a risk, go on that adventure and head out of your comfort zone to take the challenge but when you can take that first step,.... and are lucky enough to have a wonderful network of people surrounding you its so worth it and that "scary" aspect of it isn't so "scary" anymore and is what makes life....well, LIFE! Too many people are satisfied with keeping dreams....dreams and not following through to make them a reality...too many are nervous to go out and explore (the world, themselves and those around them...). Go out there and catch that wave and see where it takes you.....Mark Twain wrote it well...."...EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER....."

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