Jan 29, 2016

Tav is one month old!!!! Hope he is a water baby 'cause I have SUP on my mind...

I can't believe its been a whole month already! Time flies when you are watching over a little person, watching them grow and start developing..... Tav is great. I have very little experience with newborns but I would guess he is on the calm side... He just doesn't like being naked and then his wild side comes out... haha.. I truly love being a mother... We are starting to bond through poop faces and feeding times. Yes like most other new parents our conversations now are mostly about the colour of poop, etc... haha

On the recovery side of things. I have been taking it rather easy this week after a big weekend of hiking and xcountry skiing I thought I shouldn't test my luck too much and have just been cruising with the man on the pavement with him in the stroller... and some very light stretches and body weight stuff... I feel good.. and am getting anxious to get out there and play for real but I know I still need to wait and heal heal heal... :)

Carolina Cup is my goal... I know it is only 3.5 months post birth but I find it nice to have goals. I have no idea what my body will do??!!? I do know I will likely have to breastfeed the man as soon as I finish as I am pretty sure my boobs are gonna kill me by the end of the race:) It will be interesting too see how quickly I can start training again... I don't want to injure myself or re injure the surgery area so its going to be slow but if I am smart I feel like it is doable... I won't lie I am nervous to race. I am competitive and I left the scene on a high and in good form... Now, not only do I have post c section to deal with but I also have my everyday life differences of having a small infant to look after:) What a journey and I hope to share it with others:) the good, the tough, and the AMAZING... it is pretty amazing:)

Also, I will be putting on a Women's Clinic at Carolina Cup which I am very much looking forward to...  I love teaching, and sharing;)

Carolina Cup Clinic!
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live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Jan 25, 2016

3.5 weeks: Tav is still cute and I am still on the recovery train

Andrew wrote a fun blog so I am just going to link to his...


Notes on my recovery and life with Tav:

I am off pain meds and have been for a few days now... which feels great and allows me to listen to my body more carefully.
 I am up to 1 hour walks on the snowy trails behind our house... Its great as its a 30 minute uphill slogg and then a slightly slippery 25 min downhill so I have to use my stabilizing muscles... I am trying to increase the time and the intensity a little each day.... I feel good before, during, after... doesn't feel like exercise but I know I have to keep it easy for a little while longer... I can't wait until I can start SUPin, skiing, swimming, biking again.... oh and lift some weights... I've never seen my abs so floppy before:) haha.

At home I have been starting to do some body weight exercises, slowly with little intensity but trying to get the motions there... I am doing high reps of everything. I have also started doing some mild yoga.

I feel good but am trying my best not too push it too much yet as I am only 3 weeks out of surgery. This is a huge mental challenge for me but if I look at it in a positive manner it's a nice test of psychology and mental work out... I hope my patience now will reward me in the future witha solid recovery and when I am ready to hit it hard again I can....

We tried out the Kindershuttle this weekend up at Sovereign Lakes on xcountry skis.... I felt great throughout my ski (I did take it extremely easy) but I fear between that and slightly more intense hikes I might have pushed slightly too hard... So now I am totally taking it easy for a few days (for real).... I don't think I did any damage but I really don't want to re tear anything... sometimes a small scare is good to put me back in place and reassess my recovery...

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Jan 10, 2016

10 Days: Tav's life= Eat, Poo, Pee, and Sleep...and my road to recovery

We have also gone grocery shopping, and on some wintery walks in Kal Park and around the hood..

Tav has been entertaining us quite well, the days slip away between naps, feeds, changing diapers, tummy time,, etc. It's funny I can't really remember life without him now... and its only been 10 days.

Personally, I am glad that I am no longer pregnant and that instead of my tummy growing in size it is slowly shrinking but my new troubles are more in the chest region.... instead of getting smaller they have grown tremendously... For a regular woman this might be exciting stuff but for an athlete and me personally it is pretty frustrating thankfully it is for the function of keeping the little man alive and healthy so I am coming to grips with them being annoying and in the way... I'll leave it at that

I have been recovering well (knock on wood)... Granted I am still on Tylenol and Ibuprofin to get me through the days, I have been moving about almost normally... From caring for Tavas, some minor house cleaning, and my walks my goal is to get my blood flowing and body moving... I still have awhile before I can lift anything but am slowly trying to rebuild strength through some more endurance style activities. I mention my walks, these are still quite casual in nature for example what would normally take me 10 minutes to walk takes me 20min... haha... so it is nothing exhilarating but at least provides me with the mental sanity of getting outside and doing some "exercise"....

All in all we are all happy and doing well... let the adventures of parenthood continue.... as they will:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 3, 2016

Tavas James Dye: Born Decemeber 31, 2015, Bringing in the New Year in Style

Andrew's Blog sums up the days events very well..


We are at Day 3, safely made it home and survived our first night just the 3 of us.... The learning curve is crazy, and yes, mistakes are made and different strategies are tried but I am confident the three of us will figure it all out...

Good news,
milk is coming in and Tavas is an amazing eater, I apparently can produce a lot of milk too...yipee!

Bad News:
Being pregnant, giving birth, and I can at least testify to the first 3 days post sucks for feeling like any kind of athlete... from recovering from major ab surgery, to crazy weird left over baby flop and crazy huge, hard boobs... there is nothing sexy, strong, or anything about it all as I wobble around the house... hahaha.... BUT I can already also testify that it also seems to not matter at all because we are so in love with our little guy and want nothing more than for him to be healthy, safe, and happy....

yay for this new adventure.... motherhood... WOW! AMAZING stuff..

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!