Sep 26, 2007

Tuesday Night Kayaking with Ben and the Gang

I wish I had my camera with me last night on our paddle. Probably a good thing I didn't as the probability of me falling in the water was fairly high...I was paddling in a much more unstable kayak than I am used to. We could not have asked for a better fall evening than last night....Although I was concentrating mighty hard on my stroke and more importantly on staying in my boat I managed to enjoy the sunny skies, and aesome sunsets, calm waters and crisp air...I love the outdoors....We paddled just over 10km and as I was changing my stroke technique to a more efficient one I coould feel my back muscles getting sore but loved it....John joined Ben and I and gave me some great pointers. We met up with Gary, Chris and Micky. We later met up at our usual spot The Raven, had a couple pints, some food and chatted kayaking...Another wonderful evening on the water and chilling with some great guys.

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