Sep 13, 2007

CYCLOCROSS....Sept 9 2007

So, this weekend was fairly chill. I acted a little like an 18year old onFri night and I rather not talk about it....sat was recovering day if you get my drift. Went for a mountain bike ride around bridal path etc. but it was cruisy...just to do something active. Crashed early sat night and graham picked me up bright and early on Sunday. We headed to Langley for my first cyclocross race. I don't have a proper bike so I just used my mountain bike. I was super nervous as I knew nothing of this sport and wasn't even using the proper bike but excited at the same time as I love trying new things. So I lined up with the other women B ladies and off we went. I took off and just figured i'd bike and just worry about that. So i did...the first 2 loops I found myself neck and neck with another girl and eventually lost her. I didn't quite understand the whole lap system so when I thought it was my last lap I went hard (as I am not the best sprinter) to cross the line and notice that I had one lap to go so I shook it off and kept going. half way through the lap I had a man tell me I was done but then others tell me to keep going so I figured i'd just keep going just in yeah I did an extra lap...ah more of work out i guess...I ended up winning the womens B category. Looks like I might have found a new fall sport....

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