Sep 8, 2017

Tired, Uncomfortable, Can't Sleep, Terrified, Thrilled, PREGNANT:)

(written a week ago...) I know I am pretty lucky thus far with both my pregnancies. I have been able to do so much despite also creating a new being inside of me. The past week I think my body is finally telling me to slow down and enjoy the last 7 weeks... I have been tired, and dont even feel anxious or annoyed that I didn't get to do some lina style exercise some days... Don't get me wrong I am still active but have had to tone it down because I just am not feeling it.

Sleeping is getting uncomfortable and with lack of a good nights rest as you can imagine the rest of the day just doesn't go as smoothly which creates a nice a domino affect throughout the week.... To top it all off its back to school which means back to teaching for me. All fun and great but I am at a new school teaching a new subject so with that comes lots of planning and figuring out.

Tav is also just getting busier as he discovers what he can do... like climbing things he shouldn't, running away, jumping off things a little too high or awkward for his little body....hahaha... hectic times for sure.

I do love it... I love it all.

I also love moments like today where I got to play a small part in an amazing camp developed by Brad Swanson at Kalastar. One of the perks of being a world champion is you get invited to some pretty amazing things and this was one of them... the coolest part.. it is right here in Coldstream, BC. Josh Dueck and Mike Shaw both admirable human beings that have had some tough luck but have come out stronger and wiser and are able to share and deliver some powerful messages to others. I love this stuff:)

First week of school is in the bag. I do love being a teacher...phew (thats a relief). I am tired but am feeling surprisingly better than last week so have been able to bike to work and get out on the SUP a little. The smoke has returned and the water temp is quickly descending but we are still getting out on and in the water and enjoying some quiet beach time...

Pretty stoked that I got out and tried some single track mtn biking despite being 33 weeks pregnant.. I think riding with the chariot every day to nap Tav has really helped me stay stronger than I think I am. Its deceiving when you are bulging out and bloated... 24 hours a day...

I am ready for the smoke to leave and I am ready to see who this creature that has been growing  inside of me turns out to be...hahaha..

Mentally this has been a tough week for me. First week of class teaching in a classsroom always gives me the nerves,... its World ISA week and its so super strange for me not to be there racing... I have been so busy though its been even hard to follow... when I am not chasing Tav around I am lesson planning/cooking/cleaning/etc.... so free time is limited.... Kal classic happened last weekend and thats another odd one not to be a part of.... and my hormones are all over the place.. I am emotional on a whim sometimes for no reason at all... BUT the cool thing is... I am confident in myself, I love my fam, my home, my jobs, my friends,...etc.... and this is all part of this crazy adventure of life that I would not have any other way....

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey called LIFE:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!