Jan 31, 2010

the YETI Snowshoe running race....

It's been awhile since I had done a snowshoe running race with being in South America last winter. Andrew and I headed to the island so I could race the Yeti. We also brought a bunch gear so we could get some nordic skiing in, mountain biking and a visit with good friends Marc and Nikki.

I teamed up with a stellar team for the race Team Arrowsmith, Steed, Frontrunners. We managed to score a top 1, 2, 3 placing on the women's side and top 6 for the men. We won the team competition award.

I was a little nervous going in as it had been awhile since I raced, let alone put on some snowshoes. Andrew, being the amazing partner that he is kept me positive and was a wonderful support crew for me. I couldn't have done it without him. The course started with a rude climb and I was a little ahead of myself as I felt knackered within the first 10 minutes of what was to be 1hr 10min race... I managed to pull my lungs and legs together throughout the only flat section of the race. The first loop was a little annoying at times with so many racers piling up throughout the single track section but did give me a some good breathers to recover while in the single track train. As per usual I felt better as the race moved forward but the climbs still hurt. Kristen managed to sneak pass me on a hill climb on the second loop and I just couldn't seem to quite catch her for the rest of the race. Whenever I felt like I was close she just managed to re create the gap. Having someone to chase definitely made me focus on something other than the raging pain in my lungs..haha... snoeshow running is tough stuff..especially 10km of it.

I managed to score a podium place 3rd place overall female, not too shabby for my first race back. Marc and team put on a great race! Thanks!

Andrew, NIkki, Marc and I got out for some skate skiing in the afternoon...it was wonderful.

SUnday I had to see Andrew, Nikki and MArc off on their mtn bikes. I stayed back to do some much needed lesson planning. I had my fun for the weekend.

Andrew took some nice pics while I was out on the course!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 24, 2010

I got to go skiing! YAY... its going to be a long sunday..I think

Yesterday I was so happy to be out in the mountains backcountry skiing with good friends. The day felt like spring... I got to wear my new oakleys (flack jackets) which are proving to be some suglasses I can wear, see and be comfortable (YAY)... We headed to Mt Rohr up the Duffey Lake Rd. The sun was blistering and the snow was quite fun. My skiing is improving dramatically this winter thus far and I am lovin it. My G3 Viva skis rock along with my dynafit boots (I love my gear... am I becoming a gear whore. I am looking forward to heading to Nelson for the Coldsmoke festival for a little randonne action in March...

I am trying to get out on the trails as well as ANdrew and I prepare ourselves for Dirty Duo....

I went for my first night ride on my mtn bike this week as well... We hit up good ol bridal path and it proved to be successful! Life is good.... I am trying to find little moments between working hard in school to have fun and play... I know it is what will keep me sane in the next couple of tough months...

lots of picture taking on the weekend...

Andrew PICS
Jacek PICS

Back to the books for now

live, love, laugh,....DREAM!

Jan 17, 2010

Short Pain for Long Gains....

It runs true for many aspects in life and right now I am living it with school.....

I love my weekends for training, racing, playing and generally being outdoors with good friends. This weekend was my first of I believe several (until I finish my practicum of school work) of minimal outdoor adventures. On Saturday it was hard to see Andrew go off early morning with all of his backcountry ski gear knowing that I will be sitting in front of my computer working hard.... I managed a 1.5 hour run on the trans canada trail in the sunshine and worked for about 9 hours on my lessons... I was productive, mostly because I wasn't going to screw around with my work as I would have rather be out playing.... Sacrifices are hard sometimes and for me they seem hardest when it means no time for outdoor adventures...

Andrew being the fabulous partner that he is, organized a sea kayak at Deep Cove this morning with good friends Ben and Johnny... It was so nice to be back in the boat.. I have been missing our night paddles a lot... The clouds were low within the forest and the ocean calm....Indian Arm is mind boggling beautiful... It's been back at the book ever since...

It's tough sometimes but I know the payoff will be huge and really its a great thing teaching... I truly think I will love being a teacher..... YAY!

go play outside!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Jan 11, 2010

Rainy weekend in the mountains in JANUARY...

still had a wonderful weekend out in the mountains up on the Duffy. We still managed to get some turns in despite the not so perfect POW conditions... but you know these weekends away are not so much about shreddin' the most pow possible but about being with solid friends, in the beautiful BC mountains, breathing in fresh air, playing outside, living simply and for me at least getting some freggin awesome exercise/training.... backcountry skiing is one of the best cross trainers for just about anything...the bonus: it is really really FUN!

i love and value every chance I get to get away on the weekend and explore new areas in the coastal mountains!


Andrew's PICS HERE

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 4, 2010


Well, 2009 was a pretty adventurous, chaotic, eventful, and beautiful year and I do not expect 2010 to be any less of any of those.

I suppose I am starting to think about some big events for 2010... any ideas are welcome as I brain storm and put together a plan... I believe there will be a little racing, some touring, more traveling, a really big fun party and many many adventures.

For now, I know I have to finish my teaching program at SFU, I want to kayak guide, I want to backcountry ski ALOT, run, mountain bike, nordic ski, snowshoe run, kayak ALOT.... and infect people with my motivational poison...haha...

If our new year plans prove to be a glimpse at what is to come than I better grab my seat belt and hold on as it's gonna be a fun ride! woohoo! The way I like it really,...

We skied in the Duffy...twice...with a little adventure on the first day and a lot of pow on the second....

New Years Skiing.... with turns and without! The Duffy, always good times.

Andrew's pictures here
PAUL's Pictures here!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!