Jan 28, 2013

A present in the mail!

I LOVE presents...
but really who doesn't  love presents??!!????

THANK YOU On It Pro for the wonderful package! Lookin forward to using it all!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 27, 2013

The Bike Commute

Someone recently asked me if I like bike commuting? ....

it took me a couple more long, wet, and cold bike commutes to really answer this question...

I LOVE bike commuting (99% of the time)

Although I seem to never get anywhere looking "good", I always have to bring three changes of clothes everywhere I go, I walk in with arm fulls of bags, helmets etc,  it takes me 3 times as long to get anywhere (although sometimes in the city it is faster to commute by bike), I am constantly tired and training is that much harder,.....

there is just something great about the feeling of getting somewhere by my own steam.
there is just this special moment when on the bike that its just about me and my thoughts (and sometimes cars whizzing by)
there is something about the breeze, the air, the sweat, the grit that I just love.
there is something about the outdoor time to get psyched for what I am heading into and then reflecting about it on the way home.

My current bike commutes to work are 40mins up and east and just over 1 hour going up and west. Luckily the ups mean that they are downs after a full days of work which is always nice... Those ups though before 7am cab be tough but I truly do love the feeling of my flushed face, sweatiness, and satisfaction afterwards and it does mean I am awake once at work;)

Bike commuting also provides me with hidden amounts of exercising and training. I never used to "count" bike commuting into my exercise or training regime as it was something I had to do and did not choose to do. There are days when at night I sit and reflect and realize I did 3.5 hours of bike commuting that day. It sounds like a lot especially if you tag on my work (outdoor ed), and my training (crossfit or yoga or paddle or run or mtn bike, etc etc)... But it never feels like 3.5 hours... to me it is less frustrating then the bus (I hate waiting for the bus), less frustrating then driving (if you know me you know that I really hate driving), and really minus the little annoyance of bringing extra clothes, getting wet and cold, and never really lookin good arriving to events, it is sooooo worth it because nothing beats the feeling of self propelled outdoor adventures.

I have had soo many wonderful moments on the bike, bike commuting, I've met some great people and  of course some jerks,... but thats life:) I do a lot of my best thinking on the bike and sometimes I am just floating in my head kind of like corpse pose in yoga (don't worry all still being aware that I am riding my bike on the road;)) I feel like it is great for my mental well being.

So all in all despite the minor frustrations I am glad I am a bike commuter and I wouldn't change it even if I had too...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Jan 16, 2013

2013, the new year has already brought along many new gifts...

These last few weeks I have been the busiest I have been in a long long time... I think its good for me.. I seem to be getting more done, feeling strong, learning lots, and so far enjoying it all:)

After a 3 week break from paddling I managed to get on the water twice in a row on the weekend. I felt good and strong on the water and really enjoyed being out paddling again. It did help that the sun was shinning... I think it was a good mental and physical break for me. Because of my random schedule and unusual board, transport situation I rarely find it easy to get out with other people and therefore find myself paddling on my own most of the time. It is okay, but can get tough to motivate myself at times and sometimes the similar routine gets a little tiring... the little hiatus brought along a fresh SUP spark, and although I do hope to get out with others, I am happy to also paddle on my own and push myself hard to achieve my goals for this year... I do look forward to sorting out getting a board near the water so I can paddle a hard board more often than an inflatable. I do have to say though I am lovin the 12'6 x 30 Starboard inflatable. Enjoying a sport like SUP without the use of a car and being able to store a board in a tiny studio apartment is fabulous and opens up many doors to many more people, especially those without cars or large garages...

I have two wonderful jobs that I am enjoying and I am looking forward to learning more about, and getting involved as much as I can despite everything else in my life. Basically, I get to play in the outdoors and inspire youth and sometimes other adults... Although both are beautiful jobs and really I have nothing to complain about,.... they are very physical and although I do feel really strong right now, I have to make sure I take good care of this little body of mine on and off the jobs... it has big goals for 2013!

The new year has also brought along some new communities of awesomeness... I am really looking forward to being a part of the OnItPro team, as well as Laiph clothing, and Werner Paddles, I am also soooo excited to continue to be a part of team Trident Sports/Starboard, Nikki Rekman sales/kokatat/werner, and Ryders Eyewear. There may even be more amazing news coming in this department!

I've been hitting up Crossfit Vancouver a lot more which is making me feel strong along with the bike commuting. I have also added swimming and interval running on the treadmill back into my routine. I am hoping I can keep those in the schedule, as they are fun, rewarding and painful in a good way:)

Of course its winter so I have luckily been out backcountry skiing a ton and loving it. I think its one of the best workouts and offers amazing views and peacefulness. I love it as a cross trainer and just as a fun day in the outdoors. I have been snowshoeing a ton, mostly as default as it is one of my two jobs this winter and its a great workout too.. I have been trying to get in a little snowshoe run in before shifts... you know keep the blood flowing... I have not yet gotten out for a skate ski but am hoping I will get out doing that at least a couple of times this winter.. another lovely cross training activity that involves the entire body and is a killer workout while being beautiful and fun!!!!!!

Somehow, I still manage to see some friends and Andrew:) I think I definitely thrive on having a crazy schedule...

to keeping it just  a little bit nutty...

live, love,laugh,..DREAM!

Jan 2, 2013

A break from the ocean: playing in the backcountry...

Pillow droppin' at Joffre Shoulder photo: Paul Palfreyman

Since my return from Mexico I have spent most of my time playing in the snow... mostly by choice but sometimes not:)

I figured it is good to take breaks from things to refresh the mind, body, and soul.   I have decided that January is my break from specific SUP training. This does not mean I will sit on the couch and stuff my face with chocolates BUT it does mean I am going to ensure I do things just because they are super fun to do and I really want to do them. Although I really love SUPin, I do feel that sometimes, because I race, I need to train and when the NEED outweighs the DESIRE by too much, I know its time for something a little different to ensure I always WANT to push hard and paddle.

 I am going to enjoy all the awesomeness that winter in the pacific northwest has to offer. I am hopefully going to ski tour/snowshoe/nordic ski to my hearts content. It is a good mental, physical, and social break that I know I need. Not to mention I think ski touring is one of the best workouts in the world... not only is it tough physically and mentally, but it is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL! I find such a wonderful sense of freedom while ski touring in the mountains... Its tough to put on paper but its a combination of solitude from crowds, crisp air, the quietness of the winter, the self propelled satisfaction, and of course the sweet powder turns....

Couloir on Joffre Shoulder

Whistler Yurt

This past week has been wonderful. Minus getting a sinus infection for Christmas, the christmas cheer was in full force: filled with lots of friends, delicious grub, and winter goodness. We spent 3 days skiing off the Duffey Lake Road (Cayoosh area, Joffre Shoulder, and Rhor ridge), we stayed in the cutest Yurts at Riverside Campground, and ate great yummy leftovers. We then headed south to Mt Baker where we enjoyed two more glorious ski touring days. The sun was out in full force, and unfortunately so were the crowds... but we managed to head a little farther and escaped the crowds and found some fresh pow just for us. We also explored two new areas that we had never ski toured before... always love the adventurous exploration routes. It was another fabulous adventure that could not have been as good without all the amazing people that were there and of course the scrumptious food. I am super thankful for such amazing friends, a loving husband, and a beautiful city with amazing outdoor opportunities.
Andrew, Lina, SJ, Mt SHuksan in background photo: Tom Furst

I can't believe it is already 2013! It is gonna be an unbelievable year.... I have a ton planned from jobs, to expeditions, to racing and much more! I can't wait!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!