Sep 19, 2007

Sept 18th the Epic Tues Night Kayak

The deep cove Tuesday night races have come to an end but throughout the last month I’ve met some awesome guys who are keen on kayaking and we have organized to keep kayaking Tuesday nights even without the races. Chris lent me his plastic boat and Gary his paddle. Last night at 6pm it decided to rain and rain and rain but we were a determined little group and set out for our paddle. The waters looked calm from the shore so we were pumped. About 15/20minutes into our paddle things were not as they seemed. It was windy and wavy..Chris and marshall were in surf skis so they headed right I started t follow and gary headed towards our intended route (straight) . I realized that C and M were just trying to find calmer water and a better crossing to head back so I turned around and tried to catch gary to tell him but as I hit Jug island and beyond it just got worse and I couldn’t see Gary anymore so I figured I would just turn around and head back and hopefully run into the other two. Eventually I spotted C and M and caught them and we headed back towards deep cove. We looked back and couldn’t see Gary. So Chris and I did a smaller loop in the calmer water and Marshall got out to get warm. Anyways we were trying to see Gary and he was nowhere in sight until we started heading back towards deep cove kayaks when we noticed him on shore??? When we got there he mentioned that he lost his car keys….the adventure was not to end…Eventually Chris realized they were in his pocket, we laughed and started to pack up and ended the night in good fashion at The Raven with some food and pints. All in all an adventurous evening!

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