Nov 19, 2017

On The Road to Recovery

Aiste has been a dream. My recovery tough at the beginning but I am back on track:)...

For a very active person the last 4 weeks have been mentally so tough. All I want to be able to do is pick up my toddler, play with him, play outside ie SUP, bike, ski, run etc and move freely without pain.... :) I am getting closer to my wish now but its been a mental battle. Its interesting as most people tell me to enjoy this time to relax and be with my newborn and put my feet up. The funny thing is for me relaxing is going for a run, a bike, a SUP, a ski, a gym workout, a swim,... or whatever other activity there is to do. They are my releases:) HA... I have tried to engage in more baking, I have been wanting to pick up another hobby but my heart just isnt into it like outdoor pursuits are...

I have been trying to just enjoy each precious day and not worry about things but as I like to get after it, I am thinking about 2018, my athletic goals, my calendar, the adventures I would like to have with my family etc.... haha. I can't stop planning for these things. I am so excited to do some adventuring with the family!!!!

My thoughts have been all over the map. Some days I do enjoy the fact I don't need to go train, and just focus on my recovery and my beautiful family and making sure they are happy, fed, healthy:) and then my thoughts swirl to my expectations of myself as an athlete, my athletic goals, my athletic career, etc etc. and then even further thinking of my teaching career and what other schooling I should think about doing to further that side of my life.

What is the most important is to be present and enjoy my kiddos who already are growing up way too fast... we now have a 22.5 month old and a 1 month old... craziness. I do think it is healthy to plan and create goals for all aspects of life.. goals are what fuel and drive us to keep pursuing our passions and living life to our fullest. Now, with two small children its going to be even more important to have a plan in order to accomplish different goals. I look forward to the challenge

Live, Love, Laugh,..DREAM!