Mar 20, 2013

I am in Maui because I signed up for

Molokai 2 Oahu Stand Up Paddleboard Race..... A 32mile open ocean crossing from Molokai Island to Oahu Island.

I for some reason feel the need to keep pushing myself and this time I chose something very CHALLENGING for me. Its BIG and SCARY because I have to do it on my own (no relying on teammates, its all about me), it has a huge unknown factor for me (never paddled the crossing and until now never paddled in these waters), its a huge expense (training, flights, entry, escort boat, board...), its my weakness (the skill of surfing and reading water) in this newish sport of mine called SUP. So, it seemed like the correct challenge for me to take on... it seems like the next step.

me with the giant turtle on the beach....

I'm in Maui this week to start the ball rolling on the next 4 months of making the crossing happen as successfully as I can. There are some skills I need to learn: Mainly downwinding/surfing... a skill I have been meaning to work on for a couple of years but have been able to not really need it and therefore not put the extra effort of finding a coach, getting to surf, etc etc etc...essentially getting it done... I figured signing up for this race is a great push for me to learn this skill that will not only be very useful in future races but also really FUN to just know how to do and then go and do it.

I found an amazing person/coach/athlete named Jeremy Riggs. He runs his own business of coaching and sharing his passion of downwinding and surfing... I've had a day with him and I know he will be a key part in making this dream/bucket list item of mine a successful venture. I am always focused on getting a workout and paddling hard and its already nice to actually focus on a skill instead of my endurance or strength.... I am learning! I look forward to the rest of the week and hope that I come away with something I can build on.... I am also staying with a great friend of his Randy. His house is amazing, on the hill with views of ocean and Iao Valley... super nice place and really great company! Thank you Jeremy and Randy!
Learning to catch waves and move on the board: on a SIC 14 bullet

Iao Valley swimming hole... we found a new spot deep inside the valley... no people

me and the needle in the background: Iao Valley

Thanks Jeremy for takin pictures...

below are some scenic pictures of the hike and my home for the week
view from the front porch

view from the back of the house

cooling off the feet  Iao Valley

going on an adventure.....Iao Valley

one of many little waterfalls Iao Valley

View from back porch of the house: Iao Valley

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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