Dec 30, 2015

39 weeks: Anytime now....

My last month of pregnancy has been spent in a winter wonderland of sorts.
I have been nordic skiing, snowshoeing, a little bit of stand up paddleboarding, swimming, yoga, and a little bit of crossfit/home exercises, and a whole lot of walking.... I also finished up teaching, spent a week in Vancouver, enjoyed going to shows and movies, and shovelled lots of snow. Andrew and I also took the opportunity to work on some home projects.

I have been getting bigger and slower as the weeks have gone by but have been determined to keep moving my body as best I could.

Our baby, gender unknown, is a stubborn little thing, it is currently breeched and clearly does not want to turn head down. arg... We have tried numerous natural methods of getting the baby to turn as well as ECV but it just doesn't want to turn. Foreshadowing of what kind of child we will have?!?!?!?

My nest post will be all about the new being.... can't wait to meet him/her very very very soon!

trying different methods to get baby to turn

christmas eve 38 weeks

Christmas Eve walk in Kal Park 38 weeks

Yay Christmas is here!

SUP on snow

36 or so weeks winter SUP

pumping up the SIC inflatable about 36 weeks preggos heading for winter paddle

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Nov 29, 2015

34 Weeks Pregnant: Snowy fun!

Officially, I have 6 weeks left until life changes forever:)

These last two weeks I have definitely started to feel the weight of pregnancy. Sleeping is less comfortable, my feet and hands go numb numerous times throughout the day, my pelvis and pubis get sore, and most of my tops no longer fit me:(..... these are the small annoyances but in the whole scheme of things I can't complain as I think I have it pretty lucky... I haven't been sick, I am not bedridden, and in general still moving quite well just at a far slower intensity than I am accustomed to.

I really do love feeling the baby kick and move, its so bizarre but in a curious kind of way.... Also, I kind of like that I have an excuse to be tired and a little lazier than normal;)

I have been teaching most days of the week (I am an on call teacher for he school district), always at different schools with different students, its been both fun and challenging but also tiresome with my new load....
Luckily, I am addicted to moving my body so I still am getting out to walk/hike on my local trails behind my house. Winter is here in the Okanagan so I have been cross country skiing a few times now, as well as some snowshoeing... I have also been hitting the pool for laps and that has been feeling great. The cold has deterred me a little from my SUP for the past few weeks, also the lack of a drysuit that fits me. The temps are looking to get warmer and now that I have a drysuit suit that fits my tummy (Thanks Nikki Rekman), I will likely get out on the board a few more times before baby comes...

We have also been doing some house fixing up, buying of new vehicles (we got a truck! F150 eco boost), and general getting ready for the baby to come. In the spirit of the holidays, we also put up some christmas lights... it will be our first Christmas/holidays in our new home (and we will be hanging out at home for much of it as baby can come anytime throughout).

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Nov 20, 2015

SUP Examiner Article: Yukon River Quest 2016

Thanks for the great article SUP Examiner!
Check it out... One of my exciting very different races for 2016.

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Nov 18, 2015

Distressed Mullet and Werner Paddles: On Pregnancy 32.5 weeks:)

Check out the article below about my progress with Pregnancy:)

Also more pics from our trip at the end of October to Tofino/Ahousat/Atleo Island... SUP, relaxing, Fishing, amazing company:)

Winter is Here in Vernon BC... So Andrew and I got up the local mountain and checked out the Nordic Ski Trails at Sovereign Lakes... SO FUN! I definitely am slower than normal but am glad I can still get out and enjoy some fun in the snow while 32 weeks pregnant:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Oct 20, 2015

October fun at 6.5-7 months pregnant

28 weeks pregnant hiking in Banff
Hiking and SUP seem to be what mostly consists of my outdoor adventures and fun in October.
As my tummy has grown and my pregnancy now in its third trimester I have opted to sit out from any kind of serious mountain biking. I am still bike commuting, and enjoying the general act of biking but I feel its best to avoid any potential falls on sharp objects. I feel lucky to have mtn biked as much as I have (up to 6.5 months pregnant) but its time to take a break until the baby comes out..

SUP has been wonderful, the low impact of the sport especially on lakes, is making it possible to paddle right through pregnancy. Albeit, I am no longer paddling hard interval workouts, I am still able to get out there on my board and paddle... awesome exercise, fun, and feels sooooo good.
calm SUP on Kal Lake in the fall

Gym I have been lifting some weights and going to the gym once a week which has been great and although my intensity is much lower and my weights are lighter my body can do it and it feels sooo good to move in a variety of ways. The weather has been killer (good) here, so I have not gone into the pool yet but as fall gets cooler and winter closer I forsee spending time in the pool swimming laps. I imagine that will feel great! Also I have been heading to yoga once a week and that has also been good to the body.. Now, that my tummy is bigger I avoid certain exercises but can still participate in most of the same class as everyone else:)

Hiking has been some of my more adventurous outdoor choices in this period for its comfort and ease. I can still run and do sometimes, but more often than not it just doesn't feel all that great and therefore not that fun BUT hiking or hike/running has been killer... I walk the ups and run/walk the downs or flats depending on how I feel at the time. I have hiked all over the place but more recently around Winthrop area, we head there annually for Canadian Thanksgiving (typically for mtn biking but this year I opted to hike) and then again around Banff area for my birthday weekend. I usually either run or bike so its been different hiking so much. I suppose I should be getting used to "different" as that is what life is and will be forever now... I do love different, its hard at the beginning, but change is so fun and healthy and keeps me on my toes....
Thanksgiving crew


Banff/Lake Louise Birthday weekend

Cutthroat Pass, WA Thanksgiving

The sun is shining and although I planned  a swim I can't not be outside... so I think its a SUP, bike, hike kind of day..... woohoo!

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West Coast SUP Symposium

Better late than never.....
Oct 4-5 2015 was the first ever West Coast SUP Symposium in Tofino, BC. The weekend consisted of a variety of workshops, food, camping, and SUP folks coming together from different areas and backgrounds.

I feel lucky to have been able to be a part of this great event in its first year. Thanks to Brian Raymer of South Island SUP and Emre of T'ashii Paddles for hosting me. I got to teach a variety of clinics and even catch some ankle bitter waves (didn't head to anything too crazy due to being 6.5 months pregnant)...

The weather blessed us with sunshine and warmth for the entire weekend which made the weekend just that much sweeter. Check out the link below for the different clinics and workshops that were offered.

check out some rad photos from Chad

Sunday tour photo by Emre

me teaching a SUP race clinic photo by Brian Raymer

It was a great event that I am hope will continue for years to come:)

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Sep 28, 2015

Pregnant 5.5-just over 6 months: all the fun things you can still do:)

At this particular moment I am dreaming of last year at this time when I was training hard for world series and BOP races in southern with Ian Cairns, the Paddle Academy, and other paddling friends ... pushing my body and mind to its limits.. wanting titles and everything that comes with it... I miss it... more than you can imagine....

I am trying to relish in this new adventure of pre motherhood.. I am still beyond excited to become a mother but this in between phase (the pregnant one) is at times a struggle.. I know people encourage me to put up my feet, relax, get massages, go to the spa and enjoy the joys of being pregnant... I find it tough at times though, I am a go getter, explorer, always looking for  the next thing to push myself through.. So, instead of worrying too much about being pregnant I am trying to find new things to learn, and different ways to push my mind and body whilst still enjoying the outdoors, and an adventurous life.
6 months and 1 week pregnant hiking Glacier National Park, BC

I do feel very lucky with my pregnancy to date, I have not encountered any true sickness and I have yet to be really huge (although I know its coming...probably quicker than I want:))

Some things I have gotten to experience:
I got to head to Round the Rock SUP race in Seattle to help run the Werner Athlete Recharge Booth as well as CO MC with Matt from Urban Surf.. Although strange not to be racing it has been really fun to be on the other end of the race scene for the last couple of races n the thank you all for that great opportunity.
Aquino girls and I (love this family)

SUP Gladiator team at RTR

Matt and I on the mic for RTR race 2015

We hosted a Vernon homestead weekend where friends taught other friends how to can and make other yummy things. We canned tomatoes and salsa. I also learned to make sourdough bread, applesauce, and dehydrated pears and apples... yum yum... having this extra time is allowing me to learn more about kitchen tricks in preparation for the little one. It will also help ensure that our little growing family eats healthy, and locally and has some fun doing it:)

pic by Andrew Dye yum yum canning tomatoes

Exciting news on the work front. As summer has come to an end and fall has creeped up on us, teaching SUP in Vernon BC has also come to an end... School, and cooler weather has forced many folks to put their summer gear away and start dusting off their winter gear in preparation for winter fun. I however landed a substitute teaching gig at the local school district. I am stoked for this opportunity to further develop my ability to reach and teach children and be part of the community in a different way.

I have been SUPing quite a lot myself.. its such a nice sport to do while pregnant, low impact and you can choose your intensity level depending on how you feel. I have also amped up my hiking and trail exploration by foot. I tend to run and mtn bike more than hike but as I get bigger and closer to my due date running has become more uncomfortable and mtn biking a little more dangerous with the possibility of falling...
Lianne and I exploring local gems like hiking the Enderby Cliffs and SUPing on Mabel Lake

This past weekend it was Andrew's birthday and we decided to explore a new area for us... Since we moved to Vernon BC we now have a whole different wilderness to explore that isn't too far away. This time we decided to hike and camp at Glacier National Park just outside of Revelstoke BC. It was a blast to head to the mountains, enjoy campfires and the fall colours, along with fresh dusting of snow on the trails, Glaciers, etc... I love adventuring in the outdoors.... Can't wait to show the little one how to enjoy life in the outdoors:)
Check out pics below

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Sep 18, 2015

UP SUping Article

Check out pages 55-59

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Sep 8, 2015

Learning New Skills when I am Pregnant and not Racing: Coach, Race Organizer, race MC

So, its been an interesting and different summer for me. Besides moving towns, buying a house, getting pregnant...  I also had to switch off racer Lina and find some other new goals for the summer.

Thankfully I was able to partner with Kalavida Surf Shop on a couple of new projects. Without Kalavida Surf Shop many of the amazing projects from the summer would NOT have been possible...Also thanks to my amazing sponsors for donating prizing, and for the continued support through these changing times, you are all just too amazing and I am so proud to be a part of each of your teams. Below are just a few things I managed to do in the last 2 months since I took a break from SUP racing at the end of June....

1) I along with the support of Kalavida Surf Shop started a junior SUP program in my new home town of Vernon BC. I had 35 kids this year from ages 8-13 and had to turn people away at one point because I couldnt handle the amounts.. hahaha. I also created and taught  3  weeklong summer camps for kids 8-13. I probably taught SUP to over 100 kids this summer. 

2) I helped Al Patterson announce at Hood River and I got great reviews and loved it and had fun (even though it as tough not to race and watch the ladies race without me:))

3) This past weekend we had the biggest SUP race in Canada over 200 people from beginners to some of the fastest in the country show up. This year I was co organizer, co race director and co announcer for the event.... The event is the Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival in Vernon, BC put on by Kalavida Surf Shop.... I got to see and be a part of how events happen... its a ton of work but very cool to see it go off with a bang... very rewarding in a totally different way than racing is. 

4) I am heading to Round The Rock Race in Seattle on Friday to announce and run the Werner Athlete Booth. 

5) In October I am teaching clinics at our first ever SUP Symposium in Tofino BC (Oct 4-5). Then later on in October (23-25) I am heading back to Tofino to judge and help volunteer for the Canadian SUP surf competition.....

THANK YOU to all who helped make this summer one of those unforgettable kinds of summers:0 

I am looking forward to what the future has in store... as a SUP mom...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Aug 27, 2015

Aug 26, 2015

Hood River: new career move?

Cool view of the scene by Elder SUP

The Gorge Paddle Challenge is always a great place to be... Hood River is a pretty rad little town with water sports galor, mtn bike trails, hiking, skiing, glaciers, great breweries, bike shops, outdoor shops, restaurants, rivers, the list CAN go on...

I was in Hood River earlier this summer with a group of close friends where we spent 4 days mtn biking hut to hut around Mt Hood... it was brutally hot, and the days were long but the views gorgeous, the company fabulous, and the river dip at the end of the ride was worth every sweat bead my body had to provide.

This time, 2 months later 2 months more pregnant I come back to Hood River for the water aspect. Thankfully Avery's dad is a beast of a driver and got us all to Hood River in one piece. We were stoked despite forest fires and long nights of driving.. We got in Friday afternoon just in time to sneak in a great Downwind Run, the wind was pumping and we were all dying to get out... I got to also ride the prototype SIC 12"6 FX board which was great in the waves. I felt great out there, but clearly didn't push my hardest just really was out enjoying the bumps and the scene..
Some/most of the PNW crew: love this community

Saturday I tested out my skills on the MIC. Al Paterson is an amazing MC and I felt a little nervous but also so glad to be able to be up in the announcer booth with him. Surprisingly, our team work felt very natural and it was totally fun, I also got to enjoy the day with Chuck and MJ. It was definitely a little tough to watch the elite women compete, as I should have been there paddling with them, but it is also good to know my limits during pregnancy and I am sure I will be back racing in the future. Rest is good, and will hopefully make me stronger physically and mentally for upcoming races. Thanks Al for the great experience, and for the rest of the Gorge Paddle Challenge team for allowing me to be a part of the event despite not racing.
Al, MJ, me, Chuck: the announcing crew

On Sunday, I got the pleasure to be in a support boat following the elite women's race. I called in reports to Al who then announced them on the speaker. Once the ladies were in I got back in the announcer booth and helped announcing the rest of the finishers. Thank you Victoria and Scott for the fun times on the boat.. It was great to experience the river from a different vantage point, relaxed, comfortable, in great company on the motorboat.
Victoria, me, Scott: the boat crew for elite women

All in all I had a great experience at the Gorge, I got to be a part of this great event, connect with my paddler friends as well as everyone else who is part of the SUP community. I also got to experience a different aspect of racing, and you know what? I loved that too:) YAY! I feel like I am really getting to expand my horizons, my skills, and my ability to reach all sorts of amazing folks from all walks of life.

I love new adventures and experiences

over 200 paddlers paddle out in a circle to give spirit to Andres and his search

Despite a lot of successes, new experiences, and positive experiences I do have to address a sad tragedy that our community experienced on the weekend at the Gorge. A great man and paddler from Miami, Andres Pombo went missing while on a downwind run on Friday afternoon. I have met him when I was down in Miami teaching some SUP clinics. It is really hard and sad to see lives lost, and people heartbroken through sudden accidents. There has been a lot of communication over the internet about how it was handled and people's thoughts and theories, emotions, etc. My heart goes out to everyone who was close to him and to everyone in the SUP community for this tragic loss. I do want to reflect on what we can learn from this and how to move on to help prevent further tragedies such as this one. Distressed mullet wrote a great piece on safety out on the water. Check it out below
Distressed Mullet writes a great article on safety...

It is so important to be aware of conditions, your abilities, who you are going with, and take the appropriate precautions before setting out on the water.  SUP may seem like a simple sport to some outsiders but it is important to take lessons from good instructors and be aware of all aspects of the sport. Being someone who lives in a colder environment and surrounded by cold water safety is always my priority when out in the water. I always think of my safety plan before I head out (even though I am a pro SUP athlete, one of the best in the world infact,...) I also make sure I know the people I am with and ensure we trust each other and can help each other in difficult situations. I do this in all of my outdoor sports/adventures (paddling, skiing, mtn biking). I hope we all continue to learn and keep sharing the stoke of watersports with others in a safe and totally awesome way:)

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

Aug 20, 2015

SUN N' SUP Clinic August 18th 2015

Had a blast spending the afternoon/evening in Naramata with the SUN N SUP community. Naramata is a very quaint little community nestled between about 35 wineries and on the shores of Lake Okanagan. If you haven't found yourself exploring this part of the world yet you definitely should... There is mtn biking, any water sports, rock climbing, and enough wineries to keep you occupied for quite awhile:)

I got the chance to teach a 2 hour clinic in the sunshine with a really great group of paddlers. We practiced lots of different skills and enjoyed the refreshing lake to cool off when it got too hot! Hope to make it back there again soon!

Thanks Paul and Sun N SUP crew for the pics:)

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!