Jul 5, 2013

BC SUP CUP #2: SUN n SUP Naramata and Canada Day long weekend adventures


Andrew is the best... as Nikki Rekman mentioned: he is a keeper.... What a man, coming with me to Naramata BC to support me in the 2nd BC SUP CUP race hosted by Sun n Sup. We arrived latish Friday evening and were welcomed by hosts Peter and Eileen and mark and Nikki Rekman... After some catching up we headed back to the Element and set up our new bed. Andrew had just finished building our bed contraption for the Element. He did an amazing job!
Saturday was race day and we awoke to thunderstorms. Peter and Eileen did a great job with running the event and making it friendly, social, and supportive. The first race was a 5km loop. We had a fun beach running start and then went across the lake to Summerland and back. The way back was tough as the wind picked up and created a head/side wind that was strong enough to have to paddle mostly on one side and hard to keep ahead. I couldn't catch Matt but managed to score a 2nd overall placing and 1st among the ladies. Next up after lunch was the 10km downwinder. The wind picked up perfectly and in the right direction. I was a little worried that I was on a very flat water race board and have never paddled that board on a downwind paddle. I also was trying a slightly shorter Werner paddle. I normally paddle a 76" but was trying a 75" as I feel like on downwind paddles a shorter paddle would be slightly more efficient in sprinting and catching the waves. It was success all around. The board was great although there were many close calls of falling in most of the time I just experienced good glides. I was on a 14ft Starboard 24" Sprint and was using a 75" Werner Small Grand Prix Paddle. I was really trying to work on techqnique of catching waves nd riding them rather than just powering through. In Hawaii I can't just power through everything like I am used to I will have to find, catch and use those glides.... I managed another 2nd overall and 1st female placing.... It was really greta to watch and encourage others coming into the finish. Nikki Rekman and Werner Paddles  provided an awesome shuttle. Saturday night we enjoyed an evening with SUP ppl again hosted by the wonderful Peter and Eileen.

Sunday morning we drove up to Silver Star Mountain Resort for some downhill ripping. Well, Andrew did some rippin and I just biked! It was fun to get so many downhill laps in. I look forward to some more time after my racing to get into the bike park. Silver Star is super cute and gorgeous. We camped up at Silver Star for the night as it was cheap, beautiful, and fun!

Monday morning we drove to West Kelowna where we explored a new trail. It had a really great uphill climb. It was smooth and just the right incline to keep dealing. We were on our bigger bikes so that made it a little more work as well as the ever encroaching heat. The down was fast and there were plenty of little jumps to entertain Andrew. When I have a time in the future at a time where I am not racing I really want to get better at jumps and drops but I am sure that will involve falling a lot and right now I do not want to be injured:)

A great Canada Day Long weekend and a great first weekend of the summer holidays

Live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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