Jun 17, 2013

Sometimes the trails call my name.....

I am paddling more than I ever have which is grand but probably not enough but a girl has to work and have at least a little bit of fun:)... Although I would have loved to have a SUP coach, I don't and and I am just figuring things out for myself,... this means that sometimes I just follow my heart.... I had been pretty tired this past week at work and was feeling some sickness coming on.... but I had to do what I had to do with my job,.... I do love it but as I am sure all can agree being tired and sick makes nothing fun. Anyways, I had grand plans to paddle from west van to Squamish on Sunday after coming back from a kayak trip with students. Due to many reasons: lack of being organized being the biggest factor but I also wanted to spend some quality time with my favorite person(my man) and have been craving some trail time. We decided to check riding Comfortably Numb off our bucket list. Now, I am a fan of bucket lists and an even bigger fan of checking them off so I could not pass up the opportunity. Things still stood in our way but we conquered them just like we conquered the trail:) A sleep in, coffee, funky weather and a fun trail cured me of my sickness and provided me with some genuine stoke.

I am in the middle of changing some minor plans. I thought there was going to be a race in Maui July 6/7th but as it turns out no race. So I am trying to change my flights to later so I can attend the Eastern Canadian SUP champs in Toronto and see my family. Two awesome things.... LOGISTICS... story of my life. Still no support boat for Molokai but I haven't lost hope..... not yet.... In contact with amazing folks on Maui.... Can't wait to see them.... and downwind like a madwoman.... hahaha. Slowly things are coming together, things are still loop holed and fingers crossed that other things just work out:)

This week its TNR at Deep Cove, Big Chop at Burrard/Vanier Park, and then off rock climbing in Skaha with grade 11's for 5 days.

Two more weeks of work, then it's all about SUP and Hawaii and then more SUP.... YAY!
Quick Shout outs:

Thank you Werner Paddles (I know not biking related but the best community of athletes and people and I love their paddles. I paddled the 210 Cypress bent shaft paddle on the last two kayak trips and it has been amazing! so light, so comfortable, and so fun! PLUS the kids get a kick out of how light it is and its funky design:))

Thank you CHACOS (I wear chacos everyday... everywhere. I wear them to commute on my bike, I wear them pre and post paddle/bike ride/trail run/crossfit/yoga.... and I am wearing them just chillin on the patio.... ) They are form fitting comfortable and the new low to the ground chacos are light and easily carried. LOVE!

Thank you Trident Performance Sports/Starboard (I love my boards! They make me fast!)

Thank you Nikki Rekman Sales (You are the best rep, motivator, supporter, friend!)

Thank you Laiph Clothing (Providing me with grand SUP clothing....looking stylish and feeling good)

Thank you Ryders Eyewear (Protecting my eyes while lookin oh so fine! Great local company full of great people making awesome eyewear... Loving the Tranquillos at the moment)

Thank you On It Pro (making the slick Starboard even faster...)

On my way to making dreams a reality..... thank you to all involved.... could not make it without you!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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