Jul 15, 2013

M2O: Day 3, 4 and 5: Maui 2 Molokai and Molokai 4 Molokai Downwind races

Before race start at M2M photo: Jeremy Riggs

Maui 2 Molokai  
27 miles downwind across the Pai'lolo Channel
Start: Honolua Bay, Maui
Finish: Kaunakakai Pier, Molokai
My time: 4:49
Board: SIC 14 and it was pink! Thank you Peggy King for the lend!
Paddle: Werner Small Grand Prix
Drank two litres of Nuun... no food...
Fell in about 8 times
The hardest part was through the middle of the channel and the end.... The best part was the Kamalo Buoy for about 7 miles...
NO support boat..

So, Saturday morning I woke up early made an egg/cheese sandwhich and dran loads of Nuun. A bunch of us took the Moore shuttle to the start which was grand. It was about an hour drive from the Kahului harbour. At the start you have to walk your board down a tropical little path and boom a little piece of heaven.... What a beautiful bay. I put my overnight bag on Peggy 's support boat. We had  a pre race Hawaiin circle prayer and then it was 15 minutes to the start. I was pretty nervous: my first time crossing, no support boat, not much downwind experience.... my goal was to learn some things along the way and to make it to Molokai in under 5 hours...
Carrying boards to race start with Peggy and Sharon Photo: Jeremy Riggs

Getting boats off the Moore Shuttle photo: Jeremy Riggs

 The start went off and people paddled hard out of the bay... In these big ocean downwind races ppl spread out pretty quick... I stayed around some folks for a bit but was having trouble actually catching and riding waves. I think ti was a mix of nervousness and lack of skill.:) After a while noone was really around me but I could always see some folk and so just made sure that I was checked and saw someone at least... it calmed my nerves in the open ocean! Once we hit the kamalo bouy it was much easier downwinding and catching glides and I was definitely getting the hang of it. The last bit was tough again and the very last bit was really tough.. a strong side wind when you are tired.... My knees got a little sore and the bottom of my feet a little but I didn't feel too bad on the whole which is great! After the race we had some food and beverages and there were awards... I managed to score a 1st in the 14ft category and won a paddle and a medal.... About 20 paddlers stayed the night. After the race Clare from Molokai Outdoors and Dayna took care of us shuttling us to our hotels, to dinner and then again in the morning. They really created a special vibe! We ate at the Paddlers restaurant and most of us stayed at Hotel Molokai. Thank you Clare and Dayna at Molokai Outdoors for all the amazing organization.

Molokai 4 Molokai
A race to raise funds for youth in motion...
8.5miles from Kamalo to Hotel Molokai
approx 1hr 32min

Beach start M4M race photo: Dayna Harris

Sunday morning we all got shuttled to the race start at Kamalo. We got some great beta from Clare, had a Hawaiin circle prayer and then got ourselves ready for the beach start. I was a little tired all over from the previous day but once I jumped up and started paddling the adrenaline kicked in and I forgot that I paddled for 27miles the day before:) I definitely caught more bumps and only fell in twice. I was really enjoying it and getting the hang of things. Of course I was still missing loads of bumps etc but things were coming together. I managed to paddle in as the 2nd women across the line. We enjoyed food, beverages, and awards before we got shuttled back to Kamalo to get on the small boat home. Clare, Johnny Mac, Dayna, Rodney, and everyone involved in these races did a great job and MAHALO!
Me winning some $$$

Breakfast by the ocean

Hawaiin Prayer

With Zane and Tomo from Starboard

Today was my first Maliko on the "BIG" F16 board.... It was a fun shuttle ride catching up with Jenny Kalmbach (an amazing female SUP paddler!). Today was all about getting used to the board and the rudder and starting to figure it out... I definitely caught many good glides and still missed many more but I am getting there..... PRACTICE everyday!

I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has been sending me such positive vibes,...your support is keeping me going:) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Werner Paddles, Nikki Rekman Sales, Trident Performance Sports, Chacos, Ryders Eyewear, Onit Pro, Laiph,....

boat ride back to Maui from Molokai. Photo Jeff Chang

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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