Jul 11, 2013

M2O: Day 1 in Hawaii: Maliko Run

Moore Shuttle ride 

I arrived into Maui Wednesday early evening. Randy kindly picked me up at the airport and drove me to get myself a prepaid phone card, and some groceries. We also had some tacos for dinner: YUM.
This morning, after a nice sleep in and a chat with Andrew on skype. Jeremy picked me up, we dropped off Natalie and headed to the Harbour to catch the Moore shuttle. I met Peggy and some other folks (actually surprising how many ppl I knew!). There are people from all over here now for all of these big downwind races... I love it. So, I was off on my first Maliko of many to come in the next two weeks. I was on Peggy's  SIC Bullet 14ft today and for the next 3 days including the two races coming up this weekend. At first it felt funny, I surprisingly fell in a couple of times and missed a bunch of waves but as the run was going along I was catching more but still missing loads. I have to remember that people here do this all the time and I just got here.... I can't get too frustrated right away... I didn't feel too nervous which is grand but I stuck close to ppl I knew even if it meant waiting a little... I am definitely glad I am here now as I have a lot of practice ahead of me... I didn't feel tired which is great, as I feel confident in my fitness at the moment... so its all about catching GLIDES.... Hopefully I will get out tomrrow and then pray I get it right on Saturday for Maui 2 Molokai!
I am excited that my Werner Grand Prix paddle which is 75" feels perfect! Thanks Werner and Nikki Rekman Sales!
Randy's Porch

Thanks Randy, Jeremy Riggs, and Peggy King for helping me out! AMAZING people!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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