Jul 26, 2013

On Molokai! 1.5 days until M2O!

SO we are a day and a half from the race and Andrew and I are on Molokai. We are staying with Clare from Molokai Outdoors. I sort of misunderstood the race start and the hotels/villas situation and so we are not staying at the race start. Now I know for future that is where I want to be... Mistakes happen the first time around for sure.... Although, I wish we were at the race start,  Clare is taking care of us nicely, so thank you Clare.

Andrew and I cruised around the east coast of Molokai island today and enjoyed the rocky cliffs, very windy roads and beautiful valleys at the other end... I am now trying my best to rest but its difficult... I hate the couple of days before an endurance race... what we call a taper.... I get very anxious and annoyed at not moving my body... haha... I know it will help rest my body for the big day so I am working on it.... I am also trying to hydrate lots starting today... I am pretty bad at drinking throughout racing and so the better hydrated I can be before race start the better off I am during race time...

Tomorrow we meet Chuck, my boat captain, and transfer most of our luggage onto his boat...there is a race briefing and dinner as well. Then its Sunday morning, race morning..

Off the top of my head: Some little things I have learned along the way:
1. To catch waves you have to paddle really fast. High cadence is key. A shorter paddle is better. Small blade works well... My Werner small grand prix is great. I think I would even go an inch shorter than my already shortened 75" length...
2. Moving your feet is useful when downwinding
1. book Kulaukoi Villas for race start....
2. Bring your significant other.....I am already loving having Andrew around
3. Come early and practice and race the races on Maui: they are awesome!

Not sure if I will have time to write tomorrow... this is it..

My goals:
To finish
To paddle as well as I can and give it all I've got... where that leaves me on the race standings doesn't matter as long as I feel like I have tried my best.
To enjoy and feel the energy of the ocean
To learn and grow out there
To finish with a smile....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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