Jul 10, 2013

Eastern Canadian SUP Championships and Family time in Toronto

I just returned from Ontario where I got to see my family and also race in the 3rd annual Eastern Canadian SUP championships hosted by Paddle Sport Performance.

I arrived into Toronto Wednesday afternoon greeted by my lovely younger sister, Asta. That evening I got to hang out with my niece, nephew, sisters, and other halves. We sat outside, had a bbq, and caught up.... it was grand, nothing like some family time.. Thursday we spent the afternoon on Toronto Island, enjoying the rides and lovely weather. I had never been before so it was pretty fun to discover this little haven among sky scrapers and traffic jams.... Also loved helping Kiefer (6 yrs old) conquer some fears and ride some higher and faster rides.
Walking the streets of Port Credit: LOVE my nephew and niece!

FAMILY of many generations

Kiefer and I waiting in line for the ferry and hiding our snacks from others

Friday, I went for  a little run with my older sister. Haven't been running as much... no time. In between my 2 hours of bike commuting, paddling, crossfit, and standard life things running has slipped through the cracks. I ony went for about an hour but could definitely feel it in the legs the next morning before the race. OOPS! It was worth it though, as I love to run!

Saturday was RACE DAY! Luckily, my sister lives about 5 minutes away from the registration and Finish line. I registered at 9am, found Derek as I needed to borrow a PFD as mine got left at the airport due to the CO2 cartridge. I found Michael Fekete who lent me a 2012 Starboard brushed Carbon ACE board. Super fast on the flats. I hadn't paddled this version yet and really felt slick out there on the board. I had my 75" Werner Small Gand Prix Paddle which is light and comfy, I am really enjoying having that paddle an inch shorter. I was using a 76" paddle which I also enjoy but I think the 75 length is the right choice for me on the boards I am paddling right now. We got shuttled to the start line where I got to meet some wonderful folks from the surrounding areas. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I finally met Harmony Dawn from Urban Ocean and Distressed Mullet, as well as many more wonderful people. The ladies took off 1st. We were on 12'6 boards and the guys were on 14ft boards, WPA rules. I took off from the start line and really never saw anyone until close to the finish when Larry Cain passed me. The water had small chop but really of little to no significance. It's funny when you are out on your own its hard to have a perspective of how quick or slow I am going.  I was actually feeling slow throughout the race but it turns out I beat my last years time by about 18 minutes and happen to be up in the top of the men's placings:)  It was hot out there and I was happy to have liquids on me. It was great to come across the line in second (the men started behind us) and fun to cheer the rest of the folks into the finish. I also managed to get Kiefer on the board with me for the kids race. He scored a medal and it truly made his day! I love seeing the kids races happening and hope to be a part of the people spreading this sport to youth.


The best high five ever

Coming into the finish 

Yay Done!

Kiefer's first Stand on the paddleboard

I am pretty stoked about how I did in the last two races and am going to Hawaii with a little more confidence now. Hawaii will be an eye opener for me. The big swells and just big water in general will take a little getting used to. I am not expecting big results right away... I am hoping to improve throughout my time there and hopefully become a better all around SUP athlete. I can't wait to learn and improve and see what I can do in different waters. Hawaii is all about pushing my limits and reaching those dreams and goals. It is about living, loving, laughing, and DREAMING

Werner Paddles/Starboard/Trident Sport Performance/Chacos/Nikki Rekman sales/Ryders Eyewear/Laiph Clothing/Onit Pro/Crossfit Vancouver

Sisters and Father!

Kiefer's first 3D movie

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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