Jul 18, 2013

M2O: Day 6 and 7: Figuring out the SIC F16.....turning DREAMS into reality....

People on Maui are so lucky to have such a consisten downwind run. Not only is it consistent, it is also beautiful and convenient. I also feel lucky to have met some really wonderful people that have taken time out of their day to help me with a variety of things.

I have had 4 Maliko runs on the F16 now since last weekends races. I am starting to figure out where to stand, the rudder system, catching bumps etc. I am very glad I am here a little early to learn and figure out the kinks. I am still pretty slow on the downwind runs if I compare myself to the locals around here... They are brilliant at reading the water, surfing waves, and loving it! I sometimes think I see what I am suppose to see in the water but really I have no idea. I am understanding how to catch the bumps and most of the time can ride them but I still don't quite understand what I am suppose to see in order to connect the bumps. Occasionally, I connect by sheer luck or maybe sometimes I actually see something and its right but I don't actually know what it is... Randy and Jeremy have been great in trying to explain it all but until I really "get it and it clicks"out there on the water its going to be a learning adventure.. Apparently its an art that takes many years to master so I can't get tooo frustrated with it just yet:) I have been a little awful at picture taking the last few days and been out there on my own so for now words will have to do. I still haven;'t quite figured out what I am going to do for energy(food and hydration) while out racing M2O but am sort of getting some ideas... It will be an experiement this first time but that is kind of exciting in itself.

The wind, the water, the weather has been brilliant. I am loving the adventure of learning and pushing my limits. Doing the double Maliko was great practice. I also went for a run this morning.... which felt really good since I have been concentrating on paddling so much I haven't done anything else for over a week.

Looking ahead: Two more sessions on the Maliko, a day off and Andrew arriving and then its Maui Paddlebaord Championships... I am not expecting any big results here (the local girsl really know the water and can surf super well), but I will try my best and it will be good fun and kind of mental I think racing with tons of people down the Maliko....

I can't wait for my husband, Andrew to arrive (2 more days), I miss him sooooooo much!

Below are a couple of pics from the recent Maui 2 Molokai race. Thank you 808photo.me for the pics...  Pretty crazy being out there in the channel! What an experience....


live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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