Apr 28, 2008

Paddling, Slideshow and my first Knee Knacker Training Run

9:30am Johnny was kind enough to come grab me and help me paddle a single and double surf ski. I’m planning on racing in a surfski next weekend but have little to no experience paddling this type of boat. Stu was kind enough to lend me his XT Fenn surf ski to practice on. Without these guys my paddling dreams could literally not be reached, without a car, boat, paddle, or instruction I wouldn’t get too far. Through this select group of paddlers I am learning so much and finding out that I just love to paddle. Johnny was nice enough to paddle with me for 2 hours this morning and let me freak out a couple of times while he remained calm as a rock. Following our paddle session we went to Stu’s house where he kindly made us some delicious cappuccinos, and Johnny entertained us with a slide show of his bike trips. Wow, he is a machine and has traveled more kilometers on his bike than most do in a car. There were some pretty awesome pics (he scanned each one individually from his film camera, his pics dated back from 1985). Thank you Johnny, you inspired me to keep traveling by bike. I was getting fidgety by the end of the show though as I was hungry and feeling a little unsettled. I felt horrible but I do get grouchy when I am hungry. SO I headed home, ate, relaxed and decided to head out for my first training run for Knee Knacker (I’ve been putting this race on the back burner but it is quickly approaching and I need to start training as it is not an easy race). I spent 2 hours running around on the trails behind my house (Mt Seymour). It actually felt great; I didn’t push it all and just cruised along and enjoyed the trails and my thoughts! Cane home, made some dinner, read and relaxed. What a great weekend!

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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