May 2, 2008

Tuesday Night Deep Cove Race #4...the attempt at the surfski

So there I was sitting in Stu's XT Fenn, with Ben's paddle, wearing Johnny's farmer john wetsuit, gittery with nervousness, excitment, curiosity along with a bunch of other emotions that come with sitting for the first time in a surf ski by yourself on a start line of a kayak race full of experienced surf skiers. "No pressure, try to finish without dumping and have fun" these were my thoughts I was trying to ingrain into my head. I was nervous: the water was cold, there was some wind, and a lot of other boats. The megaphone yelled go, I stayed put, let all the boats go and then off I went, the lone boat out in the back, was a new and different feeling to be in the back but I wanted to play it safe, get my confidence up and enjoy the experience. As we turned the corner and headed across the channel I pretended I was in the Molokai (this race I would like to do in a couple of years and eventually win...) and started to just go for it, I didn't care if I dumped and fell in anymore, I didn't care how big the waves were and who was in front or behind me, I was in the zone, trying to figure it all out. The stronger my stroke was, the faster the boat went and the more my confidence increased. It was such a neat feeling to beable to get past the fear stage and into the "I don't care what happens lets see what i can do here" phase. In the end, I did not place well but I finished with a smile on my face wanting more...Come to think of it: I believe I infact did win the race, I won my own special race. My next challenge....The Whatcom and Deep Cove races this weekend.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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