Apr 8, 2008


My friend Jason informed me of this challenge himself and 3 friends were taking up on Monday in San Diego....called SSS (it entails catching 3 waves, driving 2.5hrs or so hiking/running 2 hrs or so climbing up a couple of pitches of some 5-11 route rappeling down. hiking out, driving back and catching 3 waves...all before sunset...pretty awesome...) well I feel like I did my own personal challenge on Sunday...I'll call it BPS (bike, paddle, ski tour) all before 4pm...It was great fun...I ended the night with a yoga session in the comfort of my own home...(you'd be proud Jason!). I'm feeling great and recovered from BAJA which is fantastic! Bring on the next challenge...which just might be this weekend...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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