Apr 14, 2008

Tuesday Night Kayak Races. Race Number 1

Tuesday Night Kayak Races

This past Tuesday was the first of the Tuesday Night Kayak Races that happen at Deep Cove. It is a really fun event where kayaks of all kind come and do a usually 8-15km race. After the race the majority of people head to the Raven to watch the race, socialize and talk kayaks!

This Tuesday Johnny and I decided to race in Ben’s double baidarka. A beautiful white boat that Ben had built many years ago. We had been paddling this boat about once a week all winter long but had no intention on being ultra quick in it. Well, well, well….we surprised ourselves and many others on Tuesday night when we motored through the course. We were the first double and managed to pass a bunch of quick singles...YAY us! Results and race information should be on the web http://www.deepcovekayak.com/frames.php

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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