Apr 28, 2008

My New Lover….

Who is he? This is probably your first question…well, the answer…not sure if it’s a he or a her…hmm…haven’t decided yet but I’m leaning towards a her. Its my new mountain bike.

I am in love. No joke, I get that tingling nervous feeling every time I walk by it in my apartment…I can’t wait to ride it again…and its only been three days…trouble…haha.. I might be moving too fast…luckily unlike “people” relationships my new Giant will not “run away from me”, it will love my attention and the more we hang out in the woods together, the more I stay close to it, cherish it, clean it, have intense moments with it the stronger our bond will be and the smoother and faster our rides will be…oohh that tingling exciting feeling is rippin through my body just as I am writing about it. Part of me doesn’t think I deserve this bike yet and part of me doesn’t care if I do or don’t because it is a beautiful ride…Thank you Kim and Steed Cycles, Giant Bikes, Sram, Avid, Rock Shox.

Kim, does this mean I have to be all fast and stuff now?

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