Apr 23, 2008

Tuesday Night Kayak Races

This past Tuesday Johnny and I raced in the double baidarka. We thought there might be a run as well and so figured it would be the best boat to paddle in with running shoes. Alas, there was no run...once we fixed our seats and had a good warm up we were off. We began well, and as we crossed the channel to head up and around Jug Island the wind picked up and the waves grew. This proved to benefit us greatly as we were more stable in the big double. I was a little nervous at times but felt safe and confident with Johnny in the front. I tried my best just to stay in time with Johnny's stroke. I know for a fact if I were racing the little blue baidarka I would have not enjoyed the race so much( it is a fairly tippy boat...) Once around Jug Johnny did a wonderful job at steering us so we could ride the waves as best as possible. We managed to pull away from the double surf skis and k1s and even lots of the single surf skis. We went for an all out sprint at the end (it hurt....I forgot how hard sprinting was). All in all we did super well and once again were the first double kayak across the line. YAY! We finished off the night with our regular visit to the Raven with beer, food and kayak talk.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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