Apr 28, 2008

Suburban Rush Adventure Race

Suburban rush is a sprint “adventure race” out in Port Moody. It is designed mostly for new adventure racing racers but there were some old timers and speedy AR racers there as well. The course is extremely well marked and so there is very little orienteering involved. You can also race solo or in a team of two. I had done this race last year but didn’t fair too well…This year I was excited for the race but feeling a little tired from the many weekends of racing in a row since my return from the big race in Baja. I was trying out my brand new Giant Trance X0 mountain bike as well this race without even riding it in the trails yet (I always seem to tell new racers never to try anything new race day but this is my second week in a row trying out new equipment race day…hmmm). The race course although meant for more the beginner adventure racer is tough. It has a lot of elevation gain and some fairly technical mountain biking sections. Thank you to Jordy, Ryan (I think) and everyone else that helped me get to the race start and drive my stuff to all the necessary areas (things like this get a little more complicated without a vehicle). The race began with a run that was essentially straight uphill. I actually felt pretty good the entire time, I tried not to ever really really push myself knowing that I would bonk if I did. I managed to keep a nice steady pace and pass those speedy off the line runners that don’t know what will hit them in about 20 minutes time…hahaha…The Bike section began with more uphills (my strength). Throughout the first section of technical downhill two girls passed me, which forced me to really start moving on the down. We then had another run that included a little more orienteering than the first one. Here, I managed to pull away. Side note, funny at first I thought it would be smart for me to run in my bike shoes,….I lasted about half the run until it got rocky and I stopped and quickly slipped on my runners, my feet were much happier.

The last bike section was awesome, rolly, with lots of single track. Normally, I would not enjoy this but on my new bike I was rolling over everything. It blew my mind. I managed to be the first female across the line. It was a good feeling. I ended up setting up my slackline while we waited for awards and practice away. Thanks Dean and Shawn for a wonderful event!

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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