Apr 28, 2008

I am crooked…A magical haircut and Critical mass

I love appreciation days! We had a day off on Friday and because I had a race on Saturday I decided it would be a good time to do some errands, treat myself to a hair appointment, slackline and join the critical mass ride….
I went into Paris Orthotics to get some ankle braces. I came out without any ankle braces but new orthotics and the knowledge that my parents didn’t build my body for long distance running…I am crooked and a mess but somehow have been managing these ultra distance races…hmm….good thing I met the yogaslackers because I need to learn how to stretch and do it all the time…haha….
I then headed to get my hair done and had the most touching unique hair appointment experience. My hair stylist, a lovely lady named Kamal is just the most fabulous person (and great hair stylist). We had the most touching, deep, and beautiful conversation for over 3 hours. I left feeling tingly, emotional and at peace. I received a call from her last night that brought tears to my eyes. She just wanted to let me know that I was a beautiful person, inspiring and motivating….THANK YOU Kamal, that is not a compliment you receive every day and especially not from a random hair stylist you met for the first time. I hope we keep in touch…
I set up my new slackline at Kits Beach and practiced some slacklining…I have been itching to get up on it since I learned in San Diego but my brain couldn’t figure out this one simple way of putting the slackline up….well, thanks to Jason and the internet…I managed. It was great to be back on it….

Critical Mass….My friend Christa and I were de-virginized on Friday. It was our first critical mass experience. Critical Mass is a mass bike ride that happens the last Friday of every month. A large group of bikers storm the streets of Vancouver, stop traffic and promote the amazing sport of biking!!!! All sorts of riders come out on all sorts of different bikes. I managed to bump into several friends and eventually found myself at The Raglan in North Van with Christa and a new friend Rad. We had some delicious food, good chatter and eventually parted ways (they headed to the sea bus and I headed home). I managed to get a lot of kilometers in on my bike…so much for a rest day…

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Anonymous said...

I was searching the net for any posts on a lovely Vancouver stylist Named Kamal. I wonder is she the same one as yours? I am building a small site for her and looking for links about her. Is your Kamal, tiny tattooed? Is she an artist in her trade? If this is the same Kamal will you pls let me know? My email is shantillelace@hotmail.com If this is the same Kamal may I post a link to your wonderful blog on her site?