Mar 10, 2008

Yeti #4 and Whistler

The Last Yeti Race and Whistler

Saturday morning Kim Steed picked me up and we headed to Cypress, the fog was thick heading up the mountain and the air was warm…I felt pretty good. Throughout the first 3 races of the series I didn’t really put any pressure on myself but still raced well. Earlier in the week I found out I was 3rd in the running for the title of “Queen of the Mountains”. It got me pumped, as well this race was considered the Canadian Nationals for snowshoeing (although really only people within driving distance took part..the sport is in its growing years). So I felt like there was a little more pressure to perform at this race (all positive pressure). I was feeling pretty good but wasn’t too sure what was going to happen as at my last yeti race I didn’t fair so well.
At the race start I noticed my “competitors” they were all present…I knew it wouldn’t be an easy race…One thing that I praise myself on at races is my ability to focus on myself and my race rather than focus on who is present and what they are doing. The weather made a turn for the better and the sun started to peak out, nice but the snow quickly turned into slush, when snowshoeing (especially uphill) not an easy task. The course was a 5km loop done twice. It was my kind of course, rolly, there were uphills, downhills and some flat. There was double track but it mostly consisted of single track trails. We began on a groomed uphill double track which eventually led us into the single track snowshoe trails. I felt pretty good coming into my second loop until we hit that first uphill. Due to the warm snow and the 200 some snowshoers tracking this section out it turned into a tough climb and sort of knocked one’s confidence down a notch until you could hit up the single track again. I felt even better on the second loop and ended up running it pretty much on my own. I ran across the line in 3rd place (female). I was pleased.

Following the race I caught a bus to Whistler where I spent some time with old friends and skied on Sunday. Once again, I had a great weekend playing in the snow.

Live, Love, Laugh,..DREAM!

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