Mar 30, 2008

Return from Baja Traversia

I can't believe the race is over and I'm back in the united states. I will be home in CAN tomorrow night....In some ways it feels like it never even occurred...The last week and a half have seemed dream like...the travels, the race, the pain, the excitement, the rush, the cold, the heat, the people...I'm sitting here in San Diego, eating chocolate cake, with my feet on the table to try and drain the swelling in my ankle and air out my blisters...and I am at peace....more so than I have felt in a very long time. I feel no rush to get home (although am excited to see everyone), I feel no need to stay either....I just feel like wandering, learning, experimenting, living....I feel so blessed to have met these amazing people in the last week..I will write up a proper race report upon my return to CAN with pictures and stories. For now if you haven't yet checked the race website you should...

my team's website

For now, I am out heading to an acro yoga/yoga slacklining workshop held by Jason Magness....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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