Mar 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Baja...

So I'm heading out on Thursday for my second expedition style adventure race.

Baja Traversia is a 300km race across the Baja Peninsula in Mexico for up to five days ( we are aiming for 3-4). This is a non-stop race including trekking, biking, paddleboarding, navigation, canyoneering, kayaking , rappelling and rally cars to get us from one side to the other.

Each team will be carrying a GPS tracker so you can find out where we are on the Peninsula anytime during the race. You can check us out online at:
Our team name is Yogaslackers. I'm racing with two guys Jason and Daniel. Funny, I have yet to meet them in person...makes for an added adventure to my already huge adventure....can you tell that I thrive on adventures? HA.
Anyways, right now its all about packing and getting ready to fly out but tonight I will still head out to kayak with Johnny in my first attempt at the double surfski....I pray that I do not fall in as it will damn cold if I do....and if you know me..I am NOT a fan of being cold.

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