Mar 17, 2008 and family

The last few days I was in Ottawa primarily for work and a little bonus time with the family. I got in a few short runs and it actually wasn't as cold as I thought it would be so I was pleasantly surprised that I was shedding some layers throughout my runs. We lodged at the Lord Elgin Hotel right downtown and so it provided me with some great little runs along the canal and over some bridges and into hull. On Sunday I spent some time with my little (not so little anymore) nephew Kiefer, my sister Asta, her boyfriend, my grandma, dad and two good friends Julie and Rachelle. It was relaxing and just a blast to see everyone. Next time I get too is Rasa's wedding in August (which feel like ages away but I know it'll be August before I know it). Here are some cute pics of our Sunday afternoon walk.

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