Mar 12, 2008

Tuesday Night Kayaking....Ben was Back!

Ben came into my life in September when I decided to take on the Coast to Coast Trinidad challenge and required some help with kayaking. Little did either of us know that I would develop such a keen interest in kayaking. Ben fully inspired me. It’s amazing how someone without realizing it can inspire another, all it takes is truly being passionate about something. Ben has been away most of the winter and so I haven’t paddled with him in awhile (although Johnny and I use his boat on a weekly basis). Last night he was back and it was super! My upper body is still somewhat sore as Johnny and I had to paddle a little harder than usual to keep up. I love our night paddles, its one of my favorite moments of the week. There is nothing like being on the water under the stars and moon with the cool air hitting your face and the sound of the water rippling pas the boat as you push through each stroke….well maybe night skiing/snowshoeing on one of the local mountains with the city’s lights twinkling down below, feeling like an angel running/gliding through the sparkling white powder….lucky me I get to experience that too….Life is good

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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