Oct 28, 2007

A weekend full of biking, running and Halloween fun!

The forecast was for a mostly sunny weekend but somehow we encountered a lot of rain????
Saturday I headed to Squamish with Graham who was participating the Loonar Enduro race. I opted to take off and go riding with Marlene and Ryan as I was not feeling the loop and race vibe that day. We headed out on the chilly Saturday afternoon to Alice Lake and hit up some of my fav trails in the area (mostly 'cause I can ride these ones all the way..haha)..Rob's/Cliff's Corners are my fav, Rollercoaster and Jack's trail are a close second...we rode around for the afternoon and headed back to the race site where I enjoyed some beers and smokys a la Mark. A great afternoon in Squamish.

I headed for a great Halloween party that evening dressed as a witch. Urban Rec put on a great party. I met lots of new, great people,...some girl guides, sexy bunnies, transformers, etc etc...

Hallow's eve Trail Run put on by the Iron Lung Series was on the schedule for Sunday morning. I awoke, tired and feeling the remains of a good time sat night, the only reason I made it to the start line was thanks to friend Kim Steed who came to pick me up...I participated in a fabulous trail run race through the Lynn Valley trail systems. Lots and lots of stairs (gotta get on a stair master at some point I think), some technical stuff and some speedy gravel aspects. I had a blast running through these trails, in the rain and with a bunch of solid runners. This summer I've been spending a lot of time doing long runs and less on short speed work which becomes very noticeable in races 21km and shorter as it takes me so long to eventually pick up my pace and start moving...some speed training is scheduled for the near future...a fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning and (for those of you who would like to know a great way to flush some of that extra "water" from the system from the adventures of the evening before.)

All in all a great weekend....to end with some beers and pizza at Taylors Crossing....

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