Nov 4, 2007

Haney to Harrison and a chill Sunday

So, I awoke at 415am on Saturday morning at Trudi's place to go run the first leg of Haney to Harrison 100km relay run. I was pretty excited as its always a fun race, I haven't run on the road in a long time and I was curious how fast I could run a 10km road race...I must admit I was fairly tired and had a massive headache as I was out having a good time at Toby's the night before. We finally arrived into Haney a little early so i decided a quick 15 min nap in the car would be needed in order to get myself motivated to go out in the cold, dark, rain.... after a bunch of pre race handling we were off at 630am. So, I don't usually get off to a quick start in racing as my skill and talent comes in maintaining a certain speed over time..For some reason I was feeling quick on this particular morning so I went with it. Lucky for me, I was part of the top group that went off course and eventually chased down by a van to let us know we were off course approx 2 km into our mistake. I was with three other runners at the time and the 3 of us turned around and made our way back to the beginning of the race. At first I was bitter and upset as I was pretty sure I could have posted a solid time and this would no longer be the case. After my initial frustrations I just let it be as I realized others were in the same boat and essentially there was nothing I could do but keep on running (something I am fairly good at). It was dark, cold and wet but as my mind recovered from the whole "mistake" I was really enjoying the run and fell into a good rhythm and flow. Upon completion Trudi and I decided to run back to the car which proved to be a cold decision but a fabulous warm down to an interesting event.

I decided to go mountain biking with friends Geoff and Andrew on the North Shore. It was a fairly nice day and was excited to show them around some of the trails in my "hood". We had some fun on Bridal path and eventually I kind of got disoriented and we ended up on a new trail for me and had a blast figuring it out curious to see where it would take us. It ended up being somewhat challenging at times but with good company, a great crisp day, we all came out with huge smiles on our faces.

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