Oct 19, 2007

Tuesday Night kayaking....calm after the rains

Tuesday afternoon, I was biking home from work and was thinking "why why why did i decide to go kayaking tonight....????cold, windy and raining....arg"....Ben came to get me at about 6pm....the rain had stopped. We met the gang down at deep cove for 630pm and headed off. Ben and I kayaked in his double kayak which was good fun...I don't think I've ever kayaked with such great speed before...it was exciting...We ended up kayaking to the green flashing marker near the second narrows bridge and it we couldn't have asked for a more perfect october evening to do this on. The waters were calm, the rain had stopped and it was just our little group out on the water. I was given some solid tips from others, which I always welcome...anything to get me faster and more efficient. The lights from the houses and buildings around the water were bright enough so we didn't need to use lights to see where we were heading..The lights from SFU up on Burnaby mountain seemed like they were from some angel from up above (okay that was a little cheesy but hey)..But seriously it was such a great night and a really good work out.. we ended up paddling prob around 15km...AWESOME...I think I found a new passion....oh no....not sure if its a good thing or not...
We finished off our evening at the RAVEN as per usual with food, beers and good conversation. THANKS Guys for another tuesday night to remember!

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