Oct 13, 2007

Seattle Airport Oct 3 2007

I had a delicious pasta dinner with Colin before he drove me down to the airport. At the airport I encountered my first set of frustrations. They were going to charge me extra for my bike, I argued and argued and at last I lost the battle...I was upset and tired...The trip was not starting off on the right foot..to add to my frustrations I got a nice little in depth search of all my things but I went with it and borded the plane. I slept most of the way so don't remember much.

Houston Airport:
Because I changed my flight I was spending 6 exciting hours at the Houston Airport I was so tired after my seattle flight that I found a little corner in the airport, curled up and slept for another 2 hrs. I awoke at about 830am to a bustling airport. I wondered about the airport for the rest of the time. read some mags in the stores, found some books on T and T and read up about the country I was heading to. I was reading a great book called "mercy among the children"...eventually the time passed and I boarded the plane. It's times like these that you wish you had some company. On the plane I sat beside Colin, a natine from Trinidad. He works for Scotiabank and hence has been to Toronto many times..He gave me the low down about the islands, we chatted, I read and eventually said our goodbyes. O was excited to finally reach my destination and check out these islands. Once we landed I knew I had about 45 min before my ride would arrive. Customs was a breeze until again my suspiscious looks and luggage caused me to have another search done. I ended up waiting quite awhile for Ryan to come pick me up and started to get worried and me being me I forgot to bring his number (or any information really with mea) so I kind of just hoped he would come and he did!!! I was glad, relaxed and sweaty like a mad woman....(oh the heat)....I went to sleep excited, nervous and content....

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