Oct 3, 2007

Last minute Frustrations...

This weekend some kind individuals brought insight to me concerning my flight status. I thought I had everything booked so well and it was all falling into place until I realized my connection in Houston was only 30 min and I HAD to make this connection as it was the only flight to Trinidad that day and the next one wasn't until Friday at 1245pm...TOO LATE..not only did I have to make the flight so did my BIKE as I am worthless without my bike in a race that requires biking. So Monday I spent some hours on the phone with the airline. frustrated with them and the whole ordeal but eventually Tuesday evening got things figured out and feel better about the new flight situation. There should be no way I miss that flight to Trinidad. So because of my flight switch I then had to switch my bus schedule....arg....there goes my perfect plan...but it all worked out and I depart today at 130pm. Meet Colin in Seattle, we have dinner and maybe a drink (no worries, just one!) and fly out at 1145pm tonight...the good ol red eye flight....my fav.....oh man. I arrive into Trinidad at 730pm TOMORROW...its gonna be a long travel session and I'm sure worth it in the end....So wish me luck and I will keep you updated as much as I can.

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Jordy said...

Go get them girl and make sure you come home with hardware and some great pictures :)